100 Club Christmas Appeal

This Christmas the young people here at the 100 Club have spent the last 4 weeks wrapping shoeboxes and donating Christmas gifts for the young people Staying at Esther Community.

The Esther Community is a charity in Exeter that provides a safe and supportive environment for young people aged 16-25 who are experiencing homelessness. We chose to support this particular charity as the young people wanted to choose a charity in their area that worked with young people also.

(Learn more about the support Esther Community are able to offer here: http://esthercommunity.org.uk/)

They started off with spending the first few weeks planning… and then spreading the word! Young people in each of our open access sessions spent their time wrapping and decorating the boxes – whilst our Juniors took a lead on donating and making sure all the boxes were filled equally.

Rolls of wrapping paper later, the young people were ready to start filling each of the boxes with donations that thankfully, meant we have been able to fill 19 boxes! Each packed with; toiletries, hats, gloves, chocolate, sweets and other items that can really help make a difference this Christmas. (1 for each young person staying at Esther Community).

On our last session of term, the Esther Community came to collect the boxes from the young people who were proud to present their hard work! Each of our young attendees enjoyed the opportunity to make a difference and grew heavily vested in helping the young people who stay at Esther Community.

To really recognise the hard work that went into this project from all of our young people, we carried out engagement awards as a way of celebrating and congratulating each of them for their efforts on getting stuck in and taking a lead!

Young people’s comments about the project:

“It felt good, I enjoyed it when they came to see us today and collect the shoeboxes”

“It was good to ask questions about Esther Community and really learn about what they do there”

A young person who struggled with anxiety when he first joined Juniors also decided to take part and commented “I have done it with a friend, and made anew friends!”

Thank You

for ALL of the donations we’ve received!

We are looking forward to next year’s shoebox appeal already!