Talent Show
Written by Rian, our young volunteer!

The talent show has been in the organisation for five weeks and it finally took place on Wednesday 28th March.  And what a show it was!!

Planning involved recruiting young people to be part of the event in various different ways, including getting acts together, recruiting crew members and working out who was doing what.  After this, young people were also involved creating a backdrop for the event and helping staff and organisers recruit more young people to be involved in the talent show as a whole.

The event included various forms of acts, including singing, acrobatics, dancing, drumming…even riddles, and everyone getting involved in ‘flossing’ at the end.

The young people who didn’t take part were keen spectators or judges, offering lots of positive encouragement and feedback for all of the acts.

All acts were considered winners and all of the contestants received prizes for their efforts! Everyone enjoyed themselves and the Talent Show was a great success…

[Young volunteer Rian organised this event as part of his “Give Back Award”]

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