Six weeks of AYCH creativity and collaboration has drawn to a close, as our partnership with Brest Metropole across the Channel ended this week.

Initial plans to host a group of French young people in a musical residency in Exmouth had to adapt with the times and shift to a series of online workshops with participants beaming in from Brest, Paris and Exmouth. It was an excellent opportunity for our young people to meet and create with a talented group of French young women in a unique shared musical experience.

The plan was to learn how to collaborate using a variety of online solutions to writing, recording, and sharing music. All of which worked smoothly (admittedly after a few teething problems), and brought the participants closer despite our geographical distance.

It’s a bittersweet end to the project, because it’s always hard to say goodbye. But looking back, friendships were formed, culture was shared, a language barrier was removed with music, and two excellent songs were written – so we won’t be too sad about it!

The next few weeks will be spent finessing, mixing and mastering before we share the musical fruits of the project with the world at the final AYCH event in February. So keep your eyes peeled!

All that’s left to say is bon voyage to the French participants, and we hope we meet again!