Since becoming one of two charities supported by Neligan Financial (the other charity being ‘Home of Hope’ in Cape Town), Andrew has shown a great deal of interest in the work we do and as well in how he can further support us in continuing to offer the work we do.

We became one of Neligan Finances charity partners through an online Twitter Poll.

Andrew has since donated a total of over £5,000 to the charities he supports. Which was all the result of a viral tweet!

Neligan financial’s tweet played on the popularity of emojis to portray the different emotional responses people have when investing their money & it immediately went viral. To date, it has been re-tweeted over 670 times & ‘liked’ over 1,600 times but most surprisingly, led to requests from financial advisers & planners around the world for permission to use the image with clients.

Seeing an opportunity to raise money for his two corporate charities: ourselves and the children’s charity ‘Home of Hope’, Andrew decided to make the image available to other companies in return for a discretionary donation to his two charities.

Speaking about the success of the tweet Andrew Neligan said:

“I’ve been completely surprised and delighted with the response to my tweet. I thought I might get the odd like and re-tweet but to see it go viral was staggering. What is more, the response from the global financial planning community has been unbelievable; we’ve had requests to use it from as far afield as the USA, Canada and Australia as well as from many UK financial planning firms. To see firms making generous donations to charities they have no direct connection to is truly humbling and shows that the welfare of disadvantaged children has no borders.”

Dan Barton, Project & Partners lead here at Space*, said:

“This was such a clever and original idea that managed to tap into the current global emoji phenomenon. We are extremely grateful for any support we are given and to know that our cause has resonated with people, not just elsewhere in the UK but around the world is so pleasing.”

Requests to use the image came from over 50 companies with donations averaging over £100, the highest being $500 from a US firm.

To say thank you, we invited Andrew to The Hive. We gave a short tour and Andrew met with some of the young people using our service to help him understand what these funds mean for Space.