When I first came to the youth centre, I didn’t know how to control my anger. I would kick off over the little things and I used to hit stuff like walls and kick bins if there was any drama. I would always get myself involved in other people’s arguments and it didn’t help that I was hanging out with the wrong people. But the youth workers started a girls group which gave us extra support and it made us work on our feelings. The group has helped me to control my anger because they taught us ways of dealing with our anger and ways of coping with things that made us angry. It also gave me the opportunity to meet new people.

Since being part of The Well Being Group, I have matured lots. I have learnt that getting really angry is not the solution to solving my problem. Now if I feel angry in a session I speak to a youth worker and get it out through talking. I’ve learnt this is easier that kicking off and then getting myself into trouble. But really I’d say I don’t even get that angry anymore anyway.

Youth Workers Statement

When Alex first started attending the youth centre she had a big impact on the sessions. Alex has a lively character and would like to have fun all the time, however, Alex’s version of fun sometimes crossed the boundaries of the youth centre. Alex would also be influenced by the actions of others and would be keen to defend her peers loudly and rather heatedly. This resulted in her having to be challenged almost every week. Alex would get cross about this, feeling that they were unfair and possibly targeted and she would sometimes lash out at things around her or argue.

The youth workers could see that Alex needed more 1-1 attention, but in a busy session were unable to meet those needs. Over a period of time, two Youth Workers made time to discuss lots of issues with Alex including politics, mental well-being, family and relationship. Alex had a very sound set of values and enjoyed discussing the issues in-depth and being listened to. This started to turn the relationship around with Alex now understanding that the youth workers were not the enemy, but people she could bound ideas around within a safe environment.

As this relationship developed further we came up with the idea of the girls Well-Being Group. Alex was keen to be involved from the start and helped develop a programme to include what she felt her needs were. As the group progressed, Alex disclosed things about her family and her personality and was able to learn reflective skills to challenge herself around behavioural issues, rather than having youth workers or teachers intervene.

As the Well-Being Group has come to an end, Alex still attends two other sessions per week. She is often involved in many activities and is able to use the youth workers to unpick her feelings or emotions. She is still very passionate about issues and now focusses this passion on campaigns or projects, for instance at the moment she is asking the youth workers to support her writing letters to the Council regarding street lighting and safety of young people. Alex has developed her confidence in ‘adults’ and has learnt to trust the youth workers intentions, taking the time to understand other people’s points of view before making a decision on how to respond.