Christmas Party 2017

  • What we had planned

For the Open Access session on Monday, December 18th and Thursday, December 21st we decided to throw a christmas party for the young people. On the evening of  the 18th young people attending were from school years 7 8 & 9 and on the 21st school years 10+. In preparation the week before, we asked the young people what they would like to have as part of the christmas dinner and what activities they would like us to put on. We received a lot of answers on this.We collated the information given by the young people and came up with a plan for a great evening. We had a high demand to cook a roast dinner and to play games so that is what we did.Thanks to our great relationship with the local Tesco XL store where we collect food donation on a weekly basis we were able to receive four turkey joins,pigs in blankets,stuffing,potatoes,sprouts,parsnips,yorkshire puddings,gravy and forest gatto’s.Thanks you so much Richard to make our Christmas party an amazing one. To help us with time,young people,volunteers and staff members prepped and cooked the roasties a couple of days before and then froze them. Games and activities we had planned included a raffle, Spaghetti towers, Christmas Quiz, Card making, Chubby Snowman, Pin the nose on the Rudolf and more.

  • What went well?

Both evenings were really successful and ran pretty smoothly without any major hiccups. By ensuring the whole staff team worked together and had designated jobs, this allowed for an efficient evening particularly the kitchen side of things. By having only staff and (young)volunteers accessing the kitchen, this meant that the turn around was great (from eating to clearing plates and then washing up). On both nights, as a staff team, we decided to put all the tables out so that everyone could sit around together and enjoy a roast. This went down fantastically on the night with the younger ones but turned out to be more challenging for some young people on the Thursday. However, all young people across both evenings enjoyed the food and I think we fed roughly 70 young people in total – fantastic. All the games seemed to be a hit, especially he Christmas quiz and the games with prizes (Sweets).

  • What could be improved for next time?

On the evening with the older yp’s the sit down meal didn’t seem to be a hit with some (although the food was), we figured from feedback that this was due to yp’s not sitting at the table to eat meals at home so therefore they didn’t feel comfortable eating like that with their peers. To improve this next time we feel that maybe putting out a spread of finger food would be better and some yp’s agreed with this. It was also noted that the older ones didn’t seem to be as enthusiastic about the activities as the younger ones were so this is something we shall address as a team next time around by getting more feedback from the yp’s and maybe asking them to come up with something that maybe a young volunteer could lead. Although we did consider and executed a veggie/vegan option for our vegetarians/vegans here in Barnstaple,we could look at a more suitable option ie a nut roast for example and not just stuffing.We must also remember to take more photos at our next event as they are great pieces of evidence,but to be fair all volunteers and staff were quite busy and were having so much fun just enjoying the moment.

  • Young people’s thoughts.

“Great food”  “Stuffing was SO good” “Turkey was a bit dry” “Best roasties ever” “Games were funny especially Chubby Snowmen” “We need more variety food next time”

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all from all us here at Georgies, Barnstaple. Peace out.