The cardboard boat race is a highlight of the Rotary Club annual water festival in Bideford. 

This year Bideford youth centre liaised with the Rotary Club to develop a stronger youth presence at the event. Our young volunteers helped set up the site, worked alongside Rotary members to fundraise and sell programmes and assist stewarding the cardboard boat race. 

We negotiated the addition of a youth only boat race including boats made by young people during evening sessions at the youth centre prior to the event. 

The day was a big success with thousands of people attending, including some from Exmouth’s youth centre. The young people had a great time, helped raise money for their local community and got first hand experience of public facing roles as stewards before getting very wet and raising loud cheers from the crowd.

This year we paired up with the The Burton our local museum and gallery who are running project looking at a painting style called ‘Dazzle’ used during the first world war. They helped us dazzle some of our boats and we dazzled some of the plinths at the gallery entrance.

Check out some of our 360 photos from the day