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Meet our leadership and business support team

Lisa Rutter
Lisa RutterOperations Manager
“We are not what happened to us, we are what we wish to become” – Carl Jung

At space* we are on a new, exciting journey and I am delighted to be our, Operational Manager. As an experienced educationalist, I firmly believe that informal learning and free association are key to the personal, social & political growth of children and young people. We work with young people to encourage them to believe in their potential, have aspirations and make their own choices.. ..To be who they wish to be, to influence their communities and recognise their ability to create the world they want to live in. It is my job to provide support and guidance to our teams of youth workers and to work collaboratively with partners. To ensure that our Early Help offer is strategically linked and that we are an accountable, learning organisation. Above all, that we act with authentic respect for all and have genuine determination to make a difference.

Kev Henman
Kev HenmanCEO
Young people are often mis-understood, labelled or judged unnecessarily. That’s why we do youth work and provide other services to help make sense of their worlds. I’ve worked with young people for over 30 years in many settings. Lives don’t get any simpler for young people or for those working with them. However, our organisational values ensure that what we do, we do with integrity, respect and determination. By being collaborative, accountable to all stakeholders and being dynamic we strive to get the best possible deal for young people and their communities. Sometimes by stealth – sometimes by standing tall and shouting loud!
Brett Rowson
Brett RowsonSafeguarding & Education Lead
I have been fortunate enough to work with young people in both an educational and Youth Work setting for over 15 years. I am passionate about ensuring young people have a voice, are treated with respect and are able to be positive citizens in their local communities and beyond. Working for space* is a real honour and opportunity and the values we are governed by helps us strive for excellence. I am particularly passionate about trying to ensure young people are given the best opportunities possible to achieve Educationally. Youth work skills and the role of the youth worker in an educational setting is, in my opinion very underestimated and underused. I am responsible for all safeguarding procedures and ensuring where possible young people are protected from harm. I also oversee Chances Educational Support Services and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. I am particularly excited to be part of the journey space* is on. We have a great opportunity to be forward thinking. imaginative and pioneering in all that we do and for the best outcomes for young people.
Jo Hutter
Jo HutterService administrator
When I joined Devon Youth Service in 2005 for a few hours a week working in Ottery St Mary little did I envisage being a full-time Team Admin Officer overseeing the service finances some 12 years later but I have enjoyed every minute (well mostly).

Homelife is just as hectic with two teenage boys who like to spend my wages, various pets including a bearded dragon and I am heavily involved with Honiton Community Theatre Company as their Youth Secretary, supporting young people backstage and guiding the committee on safeguarding procedures in entertainment. The stage has not beckoned me yet but you never know!

Dan Barton
Dan BartonCommunication & Partnerships Lead
The thing I always love about youth work is the variety, no day is the same, and I’m sure seeing that now. After approx 15 years working for the youth service in Devon, I now wear many hats and look after our internal and external tech & comms, our communities team, our social impact methodology, our partnerships and project developments. This takes me to many meetings and conferences, which is good because I get out a bit more and get to talk – to real people – a lot, which as anyone will tell you, is one of my favourite things to do!
Vacancy PendingBusiness Manager
Stella Newman
Stella NewmanService Administrator
‘Although a newly formed company: DYS Space Ltd, I have worked for the service for over 13 years as a senior administrator and transferred over to the new organisation in February 2017. I have worked in many of the centres and have to say that the work has been varied but extremely rewarding in each of the environments. I am proud to be part of a forward-thinking organisation that has young people at the heart of everything we do. The rewards of seeing and hearing of young people achieving at all levels bring purpose and job satisfaction to my role. Personally, married for many years and have two children, young adults now, who over the years have taken up my spare time with their extra curriculum activities. We can often be found out walking across Dartmoor, rough camping, cycling and generally spending quality time together as a family. I enjoy trying new activities and have recently tried gorge scrambling, caving and coasteering!’