What is Chances?

Chances is a service provided by Space Youth Services and offers short term, bespoke placements for young people who, for a variety of reasons, are struggling in mainstream secondary education. Through a combination of quality youth work, care and teaching, students are helped to develop the skills needed to return to and thrive in mainstream schools. For all of our staff at Chances Educational Support Services, they’re hard work paid off and they were awarded a ‘GOOD’ inspection from OFSTED.

What were the key highlights from the inspection?  

  • Ofsted rated the school Good in all categories
  • Pupils are proud of this school and their achievements here. All pupils have had negative prior experiences of school. Nonetheless, despite these issues, staff empower pupils to believe that they can achieve and help them to do so.
  • Staff re-engage pupils with learning and help them to achieve qualifications. With the support of skilled outreach workers, most pupils reintegrate into mainstream school successfully.
  • Many pupils successfully return to their home schools within eight weeks of joining Chances.
  • The finely tuned curriculum helps to fill deep-seated gaps in pupils’ knowledge and understanding. As a result, pupils gain in confidence and experience success as learners.
  • Strong relationships between staff and pupils are key to pupils’ positive attitudes.
  • Leaders work closely with families, home schools and external agencies to ensure that pupils receive the care they need when they need it.

Our CEO, Kev Henman said:

“The turn around between our last (and first) inspection and this one is inspiring. It is a credit to the Governors, Trustees, leadership team and all teaching and youth work staff. Schools whose students attend Chances, report that they are increasingly pleased with their students successfully reintegrating to their schools. Our school’s approach is unique. The roles of youth workers, teachers and external staff are all valued equally, ensuring an effective, wrap-around service.”  

Chances Headteacher Mr Hayes said:

“Our Ofsted report clearly shows that we have happy students who enjoy learning and coming to Chances. Improving the overall quality and consistency of teaching, learning and assessment was always a priority for us, but it’s great to see the main aim of Chances recognised, which is to offer support for students who are struggling with school and often other aspects of their lives, and to help provide them with the skills needed to thrive in mainstream education. The mixture of teaching and quality youth work we provide offers a safe environment for students to make both academic and pastoral development, and we are delighted to be able to provide this to a high standard.”

In Conclusion….

Inspectors concluded that Chances is a well-led school and an emphasis on resilience, respect and opportunity is borne out in every aspect of the school’s work. The report stated that students are kept safe and that ‘there is a strong culture of safeguarding.’ They commented that ‘staff empower pupils to believe that they can achieve and help them to do so’ and also singled out the students’ positive experiences at the school, ‘Pupils are proud of this school and their achievements here.’