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The 9th Hub

The 9th Hub is a voice and influence project made up from a group of young people gathered from the 8 Space* hubs in Devon and young people that represent many other youth clubs and settings in the voluntary sector – to create one ‘virtual’ 9th Hub.

They are young people who are interested in making a change and having an influence on youth work beyond the walls of their own youth centres .

  • Learn new skills

  • Make a difference

  • Get more out of volunteering

  • Give out £100k in REAL funding to youth clubs in Devon

  • Meet other young activists and volunteers

  • Earn nationally recognised awards whilst volunteering

  • Full support from your local Space* community worker and FREE activities with transport

If you want to find out how you or a young person from your project can get involved contact the Community Team direct-


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join 9th Hub?2018-10-17T11:17:51+01:00

Contact the community team via email or ask your youth worker to contact us- communityteam@spacepsm.org

Do I need to be a member of a youth club to take part?2018-10-17T11:18:43+01:00

No, the 9th hub is open to all young people aged 13-19 across Devon.

How old do I have to be?2018-10-17T11:20:45+01:00

The 9th Hub is aimed at more mature young people as there is a work element and we recommend that you be at least 13 and no older than 19. If you are outside those ages then you can still help by volunteering at your local youth club!

How often does 9th hub meet?2018-10-17T11:26:16+01:00

We meet at least 3 times per year for grant allocations, plus our annual youth work conference and other events, you should expect to do at least one activity per school term.

How much does it cost?2018-10-17T11:37:47+01:00

There is no charge for the 9th hub, all transport, activities and food is provided free of cost by space*

If you want to find out how you or a young person from your project can get involved contact the Community Team direct-


The 9th Hub

We offer all our 9th Hub members opportunities to learn new skills and experience new things by getting involved in project based as well as locally based tasks supported by a member of Space* community team– through face to face meetings, online ‘virtual’ hubs, trips, socials, residential trips and working days and events.

Here are a few words from 9th Hub members discussing the things that they value or have learned from being part of the project.

“Being in 9th hub gave me the confidence to stand up and talk in front of people”

Megan, 9th Hub South

“The 9th hub project and peer educator role helped me getting my youth work apprenticeship with Young Devon to help me to achieve my level 3 in youth work practice.”

Dom, 9th Hub East

” One of the best things about 9th hub is meeting new people and going out to new places.”

Gabi, 9th Hub West

” I really enjoy spending time with other members and learning about what they have been up to.”

Megan, 9th Hub South

Small Grants Fund

Click here to get application forms, information and guidance about the Small Grants Fund which could give your club up to £5000

Support & resources

Click here to discover more about the support available from the Community Team and our partner organisations, including help with session delivery, policies, paperwork and resources.

V.I.P- Volunteer Induction Package

Click here to find out about our V.I.P package of staff induction and skills awareness. Improve your teams’ base skills, look at a wide range of modules we can deliver in your area FREE to staff and volunteers.

9th Hub

Click here to learn about the work of the 9th Hub volunteers and find out how ANY young person aged 13-19 in Devon can get involved both locally and across the county.