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The Small Grants Fund

Are you looking for funding to support your youth project or are you a young person in Devon who needs financial support  to help you fulfil your potential?

The Small Grants Fund is administered on behalf of Devon County Council by Space*, under the banner of ‘Youth Work In Devon’, a partnership with VOYC.

  • Maximum grant of £5000 per group per year

  • Individual grants of £200 per person per year

  • We welcome applications from youth groups and individuals

  • Groups of young people from across Devon called The 9th Hub meet 3 times per year to consider applications.

  • The young people of 9th Hub allocate the grants according to a set of agreed criteria

9th Hub volunteers with support from *Space Community Team workers follow up some of the successful applications, visiting groups they have supported to see the impact of the funding on the young people that attend.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I apply for?2018-09-26T14:17:20+01:00

Per financial year you can apply for the following amounts-

A group – £5,000

An individual- £200



What can I apply for?2018-09-26T14:24:38+01:00

Your groups can apply for

  • Up to 100% of Youth Worker Salaries and on-costs (Youth Workers must be employed on JNC terms and conditions of service- please see the full guidance notes for more information on JNC terms)
  • Up to 75% of youth worker salaries if not on JNC terms and conditions
  • Up to 50% of total running costs
  • Up to 50% of total furniture or equipment costs

We will also consider grants for anything not covered about that falls into the category of ‘other’ such as staff training, residential trips and events etc..

Who can apply?2018-09-26T14:25:03+01:00


Before you apply you must be registered with VOYC – if you are unsure if you are a member or would like to apply please see for more information

You also also need to  meet the following criteria:

  • the majority of the young people who use your project/group must be aged between 11 and 19
  • your practice must have a strong emphasis on the pillars of youth work – Inclusivity, designed in partnership with young people’s voice and the encouragement of leadership.
  • It is preferable that the applications have a high level of young people’s involvement, however we recognise that this is a challenge for  a new group that is starting up.



  • Be aged between 11 -19
  • live in Devon
  • Apply for a  grant that would enable them to reach their full potential, or make an impact in their community.
Are there any groups you won’t fund?2018-09-26T14:26:03+01:00

Though we welcome applications from any groups that work with young people , we may not fund the following clubs for the following reasons:

  • Sporting organisations and M.O.D. groups such as football clubs, athletics clubs, Army Cadets and Air Training Corps, while their work is valuable to young people it is recognised that such organisations can usually attract external funding to a higher level than say a village run voluntary youth club.
  • Groups whose predominant focus is the promotion or furtherance of a particular political or religious cause, which could exclude some young people, are unlikely to receive direct funding. However they may well receive advice, guidance and other support. ​
Do I need to send any supporting documents with my application?2018-09-26T14:27:18+01:00
  • A copy Copy of any Youth Work qualifications if applicable
  • A certified copy of last years accounts
  • Any breakdown of equipment applied for
  • Any other supporting documents/photographs/young person statements that you wish to include to support your application
  • Registration with VOYC: your last review date with VOYC, if known
How often do you look at applications?2018-09-26T14:29:31+01:00

We have three equal rounds throughout the year- the panel usually meet in July, September and December- please see the guidance notes for specific closing dates.

How long will it take before I hear if I have been successful?2018-09-26T14:31:52+01:00

We aim to look at applications within 2 weeks of the closing dates and inform you of the outcome within a further 2 weeks. You will be contacted whether your application is successful or not.

If your application has been unsuccessful it may be returned because further supporting information is required or was missing. If this is the case and it is submitted in time it can be re considered at the next allocation date. If you are successful the award will be transferred into the bank account details supplied.

My group are putting in an application- can we also get our young people to put in individual ones?2018-09-26T14:32:57+01:00

If you belong to an organisation that is also making a group application to the Small Grant Fund, multiple individual applications associated with that group may influence the decision by the panel on any grants awarded.

How do you decide who gets money?2018-09-26T14:35:24+01:00

A group of Young People, The 9th Hub, who represent youth clubs from all over Devon.

When they meet they discuss and score the following factors:

  • Presentation, effort put in & level of young people’s involvement
  • Quality of youth provision (evidence of training, safeguarding & H&S documents)
  • What the benefits are, what is the impact going to be, is it inclusive to all young people?
  • Will the project survive without the grant?
  • It is offering the best value for money?


How much does it cost?2018-10-17T11:32:31+01:00

There is no charge for the 9th hub, all transport, activities and food is provided free of cost by space*

If you need more information about how to apply or need advice on filling out and submitting a form, please contact the Space* Community Team and we will be able to assist you.

Download Small Grants Fund application form
Download Small Grants Fund Guidance
Download application form for individual YP

All information can be found on the guidance document available to download above

This year’s deadlines are: 1st round – Friday 10th May, 2nd round – Friday 6th September, 3rd round – Friday 29th November


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