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Introducing the Volunteer Induction Package


Working with so many exciting and inspirational groups across the voluntary sector has enabled us to work together to create a new offer for inducting and assisting community volunteers with a locally delivered, tailored package of workshops which we can provide free to organisations in Devon.

We have a range of options which encompass eight workshops designed to be delivered in blocks of two hour sessions , with two workshops per session.

  • Local– we can come to your setting, minimising travel for volunteers whose time is limited.

  • Free- Each group may have four modules delivered free, in two blocks of two hours

  • Bespoke- Your team can decide which four modules they feel are most relevant to their experience and needs. 

  • Connected- We are hoping to deliver each session to more than one local group, enabling your volunteers and staff to meet other local youth workers and improve collaboration as well as feel part of a wider culture of youth work in Devon.

  • A Gateway- If your team want to receive more in depth training on specific topics we have covered, Space and VOYC Devon have access to accredited training at reduced cost for VOYC members.

  • Inspiring- Sometimes we all need a little reminder of why we work with young people. Talking about our work and reflecting on our skills can make all the difference. This reflective approach is a key part of our package.

We are also able to offer a special induction package for young people who volunteer at your clubs. This can be delivered separately to our adult volunteer training, contact your Community Team worker for details.

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How long is the training?2019-03-07T20:36:42+00:00

45 mins to an hour for each module but we usually deliver a couple at a time to make it worth everyone’s time.

Do I have to do them all?2019-03-07T20:37:28+00:00

No – you can pick and chose the modules most relevant to your needs

Do I need any experience to do this training?2019-03-07T20:39:21+00:00

These introduction sessions are designed to stimulate discussions and debate about the purpose and benefits of youth work. They are great for newcomers and seasoned youth workers alike!

You can do in any order2019-03-07T20:40:35+00:00

Yes we can tailor the sessions to your needs, although some lead into others, for information please call to see when we are next visiting your area

Do I get a certificate?2019-03-07T20:42:00+00:00

We will issue a certificate of attendance but the training is not accredited

Who can attend?2019-03-07T20:43:24+00:00

Anyone currently working or volunteering in your centre – or any local organisations that work with young people,  (such as uniform groups etc) interested parents, older young people who volunteer…..

Is there any additional time commitment for me after the sessions?2019-03-07T20:44:19+00:00

No- your attendance at the sessions is all we need – no homework and no role play!

If you need more information about how we can support you or what can do to help start or improve provision in your area, contact the community team direct.

V.I.P Package Options

Here are the eight one hour sessions we have planned, based on feedback from all the groups we work with. Click the titles below for a short summary of each session.

“Personally I found the evening very helpful. Seeing how you dealt with lack of respect of equipment from some members and advising us volunteers about structuring the evening and how we should interact with members.

I know from talking to some of the other volunteers we all found it very helpful and it has given us more confidence to deal effectively with challenging behaviour.  We look forward to working with you in the coming weeks”

Mark, Supported Partner

” I would like to thank your Youth Worker for her support in a very difficult intimidating situation. She went above and beyond her job role to support me with this. She has built up a good relationship with me and the club I work for, her support has been invaluable. She has offered support with running sessions, training, signposting, activities and general enquiries or queries about correct procedures. A service well needed in my opinion. Thanks again!”

Alex, Supported Partner

“A big thank you to space* for confirming that what we want to do is feasible and for all the helpful information about support and funding”

Paul, Supported Partner

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