Student B

Davey was struggling to stay in school due to his amount of exclusions.

The school approached us for some outreach with the student to keep him in school – we were doing one hour a week in school with him this was going well but the school felt he needed some more support. We then moved Davey to our Chances centre-based for 3 days a week, the package was adapted so he could have the support he needed and learn techniques to understand more about his emotional response to challenge; this and to have some time away from school to try and resolve some of the issues he faced.

After 3 weeks Davey had a meeting with his school and Chances it was decided he was doing well and over the next 3 weeks, the days he was at chances were reduced, and he returned to school full time after the 3 weeks period.

When he returned to school we continued providing an outreach worker – who still works with Davey to help him stay on track and in school when needed (while seeing other students in this particular school).


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