Space* was invited to attend an event celebrating 10 years of Devon being a Fairtrade County, so on Saturday 27th October 2018, Mia (Youth Work Apprentice) and Lucy (Social Action Champion from Rushbrook) attended the event at County Hall in Exeter.

The day included:

  • stall holders selling local and Fairtrade items from food to decorative items
  • keynote speaker Charlotte Smith delivered a talk on the challenges of Fairtrade
  • talks from members of the Fairtrade Foundation and The Co-Operative
  • taking part in some activities that are delivered to children to teach them about Fairtrade
  • a free Divine Chocolate bar!

We met and spoke to a range of people from all across Devon who were celebrating and working to deliver Fairtrade. It was great to meet lots of people and share with them about Space* (and even greater when people knew who Space* are!)

We took part in a group activity where we were asked to identify ground spices based on the smell and appearance. The group were then provided with the spices in their natural form to match them. This activity also came with a worksheet where participants were asked to list things such as appearance, smell, name of the spice and where it came from. This was a great activity that is used in primary schools to teach children about Fairtrade, which we thought could be a good activity to run during sessions.

Our favourite parts of the day was the talk from the Co-Operative, and learning about the Fairtrade activities used in primary schools.

Mia and Lucy 🙂