Travel and Accommodation

The location for accommodation was perfect for sightseeing, shopping and finding food. I feel like we needed another day prior to the jam to get enough sleep from the travel and ‘find our feet’ in the city. The first day of the jam was a struggle because we were all feeling tired from the previous day.

Facilities and Resources

The university was a great place to hold the jam because of its location to the city and the space to use a main hall and sub groups in classrooms. There was an occasion where ordinary printing on paper was an issue due to not having a printer available, but I feel like all resources needed were provided.

There was a couple times throughout the three days where we struggled to understand or hear the activity given, it seemed to be a mixture of the sound system in a large hall and the time given for the task was rushed. The main speaker for the final day was hard to hear.

Food and Drink

The food and drink provided was great, it catered for most people. Although, it was hard to know the contents of some food because being wrapped and no labels were provided, there was a few times where I didn’t finish a sandwich because I didn’t like the filling as we took a guess to what would be inside.

I liked the introductory evening and the meet-up after the jams each day. We found we were quite tired after each day and struggled to have the energy to travel further or stay up late. I think as before, an additional day may have helped with this.

Learning Outcomes

The jam overall provided great experience working in teams with different nationalities and languages. It was difficult a lot of the time to work efficiently in a team because of the language barrier, although I think it was a great experience to learn how to communicate when there was no common language.

From my background of learning in higher education of design and attending a previous jam, there was not much more for me to learn with techniques and methods we learnt over the two days. I learnt a lot more on the last day working with people I have never met before as a team. I am not a team leader, but for the 7 hours, I was a conduit between different nationalities and managed the different roles assigned to the team, setting deadlines and combining everyone’s work at the end. I found this experience very beneficial with my career and current developing job role.

On the second day there was a session using CAD, this subject really interests me along with using 3D printers and the capabilities of other equipment. I felt like the session was incredibly informative and I learnt a lot even though I have done a jam before and additional courses on the subject. I wish we had more time to use the machines along with the CAD software we practiced with.

From the Plymouth Jam my group were already incubating an idea so we found the business and development sessions very helpful.