Health Services for young people consultation

As a service, we had a great opportunity of allowing young people to help shape the future contract of health services for young people. Through our Voice & Influence group here at the 100 club, our young people had the chance to meet with some key workers in health services for young people and were able to give their thoughts about this. On the night we had 7 young people come together for this and were able to strongly share their thoughts and their experiences of the health services for them.

From this came some key questions from young people such as:

● why do mental services keep getting cut?

● What is the role of a school nurse when it comes to health services for young people?

● Surely there should be more workers involved in health services for young people in order to cut waiting lists?

All questions and discussions were taken back to the NHS, with the view of also making a video which our young people will have the opportunity to be part of.


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