Lads day out at Ultimate Adventure Centre

A great day was had by all at the Ultimate High

Young people came up with the idea to have a day out to do some fun and positive activities during half term.

The boys sat down with a member of staff during a Thursday generic session and had a discussion on what they would like to do, what the cost would be involved and who would be interested.

They decided it would be a “boys” day out and it would be a positive way to spend their time during half term doing an activity instead of roaming the street in Barnstaple during that week.

From a youth work point the activity ticked a lot of boxes. To name just a few:

  • Increased levels of physical activity and fitness
  • Promotion of mental health and emotional well-being
  • Improved self-esteem and ability for goal setting
  • learning of social skills (e.g. interpersonal, negotiation and listening skills)
  • The ability to appraise risks,of problem solving skills,development of presentation skills
  • reduction in anti-social behaviour that affects others
  • A Place to have a good time with your friends and keep out of trouble

For me It was a great opportunity to build positive professional relationships with the young people attending that day. The group as a whole are good fun, but have their moments and challenging at times within the hub as well in the community.

For young people and staff attending it was a great day out. They, communicated, laughed, supported each other, worked well as a team and had loads of fun.


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