As one of 15 partners involved in the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs international project, we hope to integrate best practice and knowledge to support young talents with their education, entrepreneurship and employability through the development of creative and technological skills that could enable wider job opportunities and aspirations – in light of this, we were invited to the project’s FIRST Creative Jam/Atlantic Brainstorming event in Lugo, Spain to address different initiatives in the field of entrepreneurship and creativity…

[This project is co-financed by ERDF under INTERREG Atlantic Area]

On Tuesday 11th April we left Exeter (Devon, UK) and travelled to Gatwick, where we met Plymouth College of Art (another partner involved in the project). In total there was 7 of us from Space* with 4 of us being the young participants – Megan, Mia, Dan & Kieran.

After flying to Barcelona, switching flights and landing in Santiago, we then headed to Lugo by coach. Upon arriving at Lug2, we meet the other partners & young participants involved before we gathered for dinner and settled, ready for the first day.

To start the trip we were taken on a tour of Lugo which is when we were able to integrate with the other groups involved and fully get an understanding of their partnership and their prospects for the event. We also took a visit to the local museum and Cathedral.

Lugo is in the North of Spain, a historical City enriched with Roman history… (See the video below)

On our third day in Lugo, we met the Mayor for a formal introduction to the project & the wider scope of our campaign – as well as meeting each partner to gain an insight of their involvement.

To ensure that everything was understood and communicated effectively, translators were present (in order to resolve the existing language barrier) & to fully communicate the context of what was being said. Branded ‘goody bags’ were also provided to promote AYCH and the positive outcomes anticipated…

The outcomes being to; promote and encourage creative and innovative thinking – with the aim of enabling wider job opportunities and aspirations for young people.


After the initial gathering & launch of the Atlantic Brainstorming event, we set up for our first round of workshops…

Two of us from Space* took part in a day-long ‘Prototyping and Creative Thinking’ workshop, looking at the production, distribution, consumption and disposal of plastic waste within the marine environment. Our two other young participants enrolled in other workshops: Fashion & 3d/4d Printing.

There was a range of workshops focussed around the creative elements of music production, coding, youtube’ing’ as well as more workshops to choose from.




To end a productive and immersive few days of creative and discussion-led brainstorming, each of the young participants (from Spain, Portugal, Ireland, France, Plymouth & Exeter) all gathered together before spending the evening together in the town of Lugo.

“Collectively, we connected as a group of peers quite naturally – without any of the usual ‘ice-breakers’ being necessary. We all felt comfortable around one another: forming a large, yet a unique group of characters as we engaged in leisure activities and hung out together ‘after hours’.”

Everyone got together in their local groups to develop on the ideas that they created the day prior. We all spent an intense 6 hours creating a business concept to educate & combat the incorrect disposal of (plastic) waste that inevitably ends up in our oceans, with a severe impact on the quality of marine life.

The young participants created their logo, slogan’s, storyboard’s, designs and generic business strategies before presenting them to everyone involved, including the key partners who were evaluating each presentation and its impact.

[You can watch the videos of each presentation on Seunghoon Han’s Youtube Channel]






To end the day, everyone went out for a meal before finally meeting up at the youth hostel and lounging around – ahead of our 12-hour journey home!

Since the Creative-Jam in Lugo took place the young participants have since created a (very large) group chat – keeping in contact with each other and recently, have even reunited in Plymouth.

“The trip has made a positive impression on us all, we immersed with different people from around Europe and despite our differences, we established a great deal of acceptance and respect towards one another…”

Our 3 creative hubs are now excited to develop further and implement the project that has now ‘taken off’!