Although Kev was a bit nervous, he took his dog Misty in to the interview to keep him calm. Here’s how it went………..

What is your job

I’m responsible for many of the youth centres and other services for teenagers across Devon, including Chances.

Could you explain more about that?

My job is to make sure the staff have what they need to work effectively with young people like you and many others.

How long have you worked with youth services?

Since I was 18.

How many young people have you worked with over the years?


What made you choose your job?

Because when I was 16/17 I was in a bit of trouble. I ended up in court and was excluded from College. When it felt like the whole world was against me and my parents were disappointed in me, a special youth worker just wouldn’t leave me alone until he found out what I was good at. I know how important that was to me at that point so wanted to be that person to others.  

How long have you had Misty, your dog

Since she was 8 weeks old and she’s now 7 and a half years old.

How did you come up with the name Misty

I was stood in the back garden when she was a puppy and it was all misty. Everytime I said the word she pricked her ears up and listened. So I stuck with that!

What do you like doing in your spare time

Love music. Love walking Misty in the woods. Love seeing friends and love travelling when I can afford it.

Whats your experience with youth services

I started as a volunteer, then got a part time job, then went to College at 25 to train. I’ve worked with youth services in Germany, Manchester, Somerset and Devon.

How many people have you worked with over the years

Thousands. You can’t do everything young people need on your own so it’s really important to work with other people to get the best results.

Is there any advice you could give me for life?

Never believe anyone who tells you you’re not good enough. If people are nasty to you, it’s probably because something about them rather than you. Always believe in yourself, be kind and look for the good in people. 

Whats your favorite thing about your job

Seeing people like you and Miss Money and Amy smile and grow in confidence.

If you could choose a different job or something you loved what would you choose?

If I wasn’t doing this I’d like to be a writer and share my thoughts that way.

When you were younger, what did you want to be

When I was your age it was to be a dolphin trainer. When I told my careers teacher, he threw a book at me because he thought I wasn’t being serious. Things are a bit different in schools now, thankfully. And I now understand that training dolphins can be cruel, so wouldn’t do that now.

What did you take as your GCSEs ?

I took maths, English literature and language, biology, chemistry, physics, history and something called Public Affairs and Economics which was all about politics and stuff. I passed some of them…… 

Did you like school when you were there

Like all schools, there was good and not so good. I was sent to a boarding school, so it was hard to have time to myself and I didn’t feel that close to my parents sometimes. There was quite a lot of bullying and other stuff, but having been through some of those times I think it’s made me understand people a bit more. 

What did you do for your first job?

I put rivets in fruit boxes for 8 hours a day all summer – made me realise I wanted to do something else…..