So…We held our first ‘Hangouts’ quiz last night, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it all went.  We had five youth centres linked online Bideford as the host centre and four teams competing. It was a very close run thing with Barnstaple taking the win by a single point, but all the teams scored highly.  I presented Bart from Georgies the trophy I have made this morning and I believe you can see the photo of this on their instagram page.   The youth clubs that joined us online were: Georgies (Barnstaple), Room 13 (Okehampton), Rushbrook (Totnes) and The Junction (Newton Abbot).   The participation by young people was great, both from the young people who designed and presented the questions and the amazing young people taking part.  Barnstaple, as the winning team, will be hosting the next quiz and I have attached the paperwork we devised to assist with the planning and preparation.  I am very happy to assist anyone with how the technology works and the way we managed the presentation of the quiz.

I can see this having a great impact on the way we bring young people together and feel connected to a wider youth community.    I would like to say a HUGE Thanks to the young people who took part and the youth worker who supported them, from the feedback I have received everyone had a great time.

The sky’s the limit now as to how we embrace this technology and the quiz is just the start….Over to you Georgies