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At space* we pride ourselves on quality youth work; we plan effectively, deliver with energy and evaluate thoroughly. We have staff who have been youth workers for 30+ years working alongside young and newly qualified Youth Workers, which gives us a dynamic skillset.

Each of our service areas has its own Theory of Change and evaluation plan, which helps give clarity to staff and young people on the purpose of the work.

After all we all need to know…..

Whats the point? What’s the purpose?

For youth work to be successful, young people need to be at the heart of all programmes and interventions, we tailor our activities and support to cater for all needs, and measure our impact using a variety of methods.

Check out our Theory of Change below

  • Standard of Evidence Level 2 with Project Oracle

  • Robust evaluation plan embedded in practice

  • Innovative methodology, putting Young People’s voices first and outcomes second

Below you can see a collection of our Transformative Evaluation stories

“I am so glad that youth work has survived in Devon, you do an amazing job”

Social Worker, DCC

“view from the school at DAF meetings is that …. is doing much better and view from family is that ….. is much better and more settled at home on the whole, thanks to your support”

DAF Coordinator, DCC

“she appeared more confident and could relay the correct information when asked a question about her session, which is a really big achievement for her. She has taken on board your written script for ‘staying positive’ …. really enjoyed and showed willingness in attending and has been showing everyone her new CD which she was able to record with you”

Teacher, Exmouth CC

“this has had a massive impact on him, he still has paddies but he manages it, and they are a lot less often – Thankyou.”



of young people asked feel safe in our sessions


of young people trust their youth worker


of young people receiving 1:1 support make good progress