“When I was younger i was quite annoying and I used to judge people. I also used to laugh at nasty things like less abled people. But now I’m a caring and kind person. That’s because the youth workers taught me a little bit about rights and wrongs, and they used to talk to me in a way that I understand, and help me see things in a different way and put myself in other people’s shoes. This helped me understand other people’s emotions and understand my own emotions. Now I have built good relationships with others because the youth workers and the youth centre has helped me to be more confident in socialising. I feel comfortable around others now and I feel comfortable talking to my youth worker about anything. They give me advice and help me make difficult decisions by talking to me, and helping me understand what I need to best suit me. The youth centre stops me from feeling lonely and is the highlight of my week. It doesn’t matter what mood I come here in, I always leave feeling happy, there is such a good vibe here and it helps with my depression and anxiety.


The youth workers make me laugh and and they always offer me choices and ask if I want to participate in activities, not making you feel alone and left out. The youth workers also don’t let anybody bully anyone and they make sure you don’t say judgmental things – helping people to be more mature and less judgmental. This is a very safe place to be. For example when I had trouble sleeping, my youth worker gave me some solutions to help me sleep and it really helped. If it wasn’t for this youth centre then I wouldn’t have able to get my job as easily because a youth worker has helped me write a CV and this has made me more confident on being able to get a job and they helped me with practice interviews. Because I now have a job I can help my mum as we both struggle with money since my dad died, but the youth workers have helped me grieve and have always ensured I am not hungry.”