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We truly believe in collaboration, only by working alongside our partners can we achieve great things. In the tabs below you can find out about all the additional projects we deliver, the partners we work with and our impact on the wider youth sector.


Doing what's right, even when no-ones looking

Develops Trust


Interacting with fairness, kindness and dignity

Builds relationships


Managing risk, taking responsibility and being accountable

Reveals transparency

Our other delivery areas

While we busy ourselves with open access youth work in our centres, 1:1 targeted support for the most vulnerable, Chances education, D of E and Community support we also deliver all the projects and session to the right, have fun exploring!

Young people who care for a sick relative can feel really isolated and miss out on opportunities that other young people enjoy. Space* works in Partnership with  Westbank to provide a monthly fun packed sessions for young carers.  These sessions largely focus on allowing the young people to just be young people! without the worries that so often burden them.  Alongside this is young carers are able to build supportive relationships with a trusted adult who can be a listening ear, provide support and access other services for individuals.
These sessions get messy! lots of arts and crafts, fun games and cooking (and eating) happens here. We are very proud to work with Westbank to provide the space for these young people to laugh, make friends and to gain opportunities that so many of their peers have.
— not every community has a youth centre……

That’s why it’s important that we reach out to these communities to provide one! Here at space* we believe that all young people are entitled to access a youth worker for support and developmental activities.  Twice a week we take our mobile youth club to Cranbrook.  We offer young people from Year 7 upwards the chance to play games, do arts and crafts and hang around in a safe space staffed by professional youth workers. Our Mobile Youth Clubs are comfy spaces where young people can hang out with their peers, take part in activities and build a trusting relationship with youth workers.  In addition to fun activities, the youth workers offer an opportunity for young people to discuss and learn about issues that affect them in an informal way.

Here at space*  we are very proud of our partnership work with  X-plore, an independent charity that supports LGBTQ young people in Devon.
we work closely with X-plore to provide youth sessions that are tailored to offer specific support around LGBTQ issues alongside fun activities and opportunities to get involved in LGBTQ projects. For a lot of the young people who attend the X-plore sessions with space*, this is the first time they have had an opportunity to meet other young people who identify as LGBTQ. We work hard to provide young people with a safe, fun and developmental space to meet peers and build on their  social networks.
Our partnership with Devon County Council’s Participation team is long standing and works towards developing better services for young people in care and care leavers. We work together with the participation team to provide fortnightly sessions for young people who are in the care system. Young people in care often experience a lot of upheaval in their lives and have more contact with professionals than any other group. it is really important, therefore that we offer an opportunity for those young people to shape the services they receive. our continuous offer of fun activities run alongside important life skills work as well as dedicated time for the groups to have their voice heard in matters around social care that affect them.
Some of the projects these groups have been involved in include; writing questions for and interviewing social workers, inputting into social work policies and engaging in music projects to enable the voice of young people in care and care leavers to be heard.

Our friends at Daisi asked us to pilot a new idea “what about music sessions for families in need of some fun times together?” they said. “Why not!” We said. For more details contact the team at The Hive in Exmouth

Our partners, supporters and friends

We want to contribute to a landscape of collaboration, co-operation, transparency and of sharing resources wherever possible. We aim to reduce competitive behaviours and duplication in order to achieve (with others) the best possible outcomes for young people and their communities.

Below you can find out about some of the additional projects we deliver, some of the key partners we work with and about the impact space* has on the wider youth sector.

These guys help us keep our productivity up by working ICT magic that we don’t really understand!!

We work alongside Young Devon in a number of ways. Some of their staff are co-located with ours. We seek to complement each other’s services and regularly communicate at a leadership level to jointly consider how we can best deliver training across the sector, identify gaps in provision and improve our referral processes between service areas.

We have been supported by Daisi for many years now, initially through our music & peer education project ‘The Collective’. Long-time collaborators, Daisi are interested in seeing how well art-based activity can inspire change and opportunity for children in challenging circumstances. They are a fierce advocate for musical inclusion and we are proud to name them amongst our friends.

The Children’s Society deliver a range of services for young people across the country. Locally they operate out of Torbay, yet many of their CSE workers and counsellors work out of space* buildings across Devon, which are all designed to be young-people friendly. Our workers and theirs liaise closely to offer the best possible solutions for distinct groups of young people.

Our key partners VOYC are a Devon wide infrastructure organisation who provide support to children’s and young people’s organisation. They are co-located with space* at our central offices in Exeter. We increasingly ‘dovetail’ our support offer to voluntary organisations so that between us, we deliver safeguarding and other training, distribute grants (through a process run by young people), advise Management Committees and Councils, provide equipment, have youth workers who work alongside local volunteers, hold annual conferences for the sector and do more wherever we can.

Our Centre in Dawlish (Red Rock) is one of the newest and largest youth centres in the South West. It was originally built with MyPlace funding, Dawlish Town Council funding and significant contributions from Devon County Council. Over recent years, DAY Trustees have kept youth work operating from the centre, despite funding challenges and other uncertainties. Since we established space*, we have worked hand in hand with DAY to strive to see Red Rock achieve its potential. Space* uses the building to deliver part of our Chances Education Support Services.

Our workers at all levels contribute to DCC’s Early Help agenda, Educational attainments and other areas of work such as Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and Safeguarding.

Specifically our workers and managers contribute or lead at Early Help triage meetings, Multi-Agency Child Sexual Exploitation (MACSE) processes, Early Help Operational Managers forums, the work of the DSCB, Locality Alliance groups, Seldom Heard meetings, Young Carers’ forums, Workforce Development meeting and others. In ever changing times we prioritise contributing wherever we can if it means young people and their communities seeing improved services.

We also receive 1-2-1 referrals from DCC staff of young people with particular needs, so that we can use our expertise to unlock some of the barriers they often face.

Our reach and influence

The famous European funder and enabler Erasmus have been great to us over the past couple of years. At the moment we are working with Marjon University in Plymouth to evidence the impact of open access youth work. The ‘Transformative Evaluation’ method is excellent, and we have been generating loads of stories that we share with our stakeholders. This piece of work will culminate in a book and conference in July 2018. Keep posted for details and read the stories on our stories page

The work we have been doing designing our Theory of Change and Evaluation plans has been recognised nationally as good practice. We are proud to say that we now host the South West Regional ‘Centre for Youth Impact’ forum. This forum is made up of key players in the south-west in the youth sector who come together to explore and share ideas on how best to evaluate and show the impact of our work. Keep an eye on our calendar for details of upcoming meetings.

Space is a commited partner and provider of Early Help services. Successsful early help interventions and support relies on all agencies working together, the building of meaningful relationships, transparency and the sharing of good practice. Through collaboration with Devon County Council and a broad range of statutory, voluntary and community  partners; Space works within the Early Help systems and pathways to ensure appropriate and effective support for young people and their families.

Youth workers are equipped  to notice when things are troubling a young person, so they can proactively provide support as soon as a problem emerges. Information, advice and support is on hand and at the point of need. Young people have the opportunity to express their concerns, to be heard and understood and feel fulling involved and engaged in any actions taken, including the help of other agencies and services.

Space is commited to supporting groups and forums who seek to improve the lives of young people and make a real difference. We attend, chair or co chair the missing and child sexual exploitation forums across Devon. We also sit on a range of working groups and strategic decsion making forums in order to work with others to strengthen strategic decsion making and cooperative planning. Understanding young peoples healthy or unhealthy relationships is key to youth work and we strive to develop practice in line with young peoples emerging trends and behaviours. We work closely with others to ensure that the support is offered that best meets the needs of each young person. We also provide young people’s perspectives on a whole range of issues that affect them through, questionnaires and consultation. Collaboration is key to sustainable and connected services. At Space we strive to communicate, participate, influence, innovate and make a difference, with and alongside others.


Project Oracle helped us on our journey towards being better able to articulate our work, methods and impact. We are grateful for their support and awarding us their ‘Standard of Evidence Level 2’ award.

It’s a funny old world, and the youth sector is no different, take a look through the many different fingers we have in many different pies!