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Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs

We are really excited to announce our involvement in this innovative project. Working with partners across Europe we will
generate creative spaces for young people to come together and use design thinking and key enabling technologies
to generate skills, knowledge, and who knows… maybe change the world!

Each week we’ll be meeting in Bideford, Exmouth & Tiverton to do things like:
Build, explore and play with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Coding, Soundscaping & 3D design
Listen to expert speakers talk about technologies and their experiences in the industry
Host ‘hands-on’ technical workshops and ‘experience days’ to spark inspiration in modern technologies
Meet with international partners at least 3 times a year to work up ideas
Connect young minds with the creative industry for the mutual benefit of both

(This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme)


Read our FAQ’s & find out more… Maybe you could get involved?

How do I find my nearest Creative Hub?2018-04-16T12:29:28+01:00

We will have 3 hubs across Devon; Bideford, Exmouth & Tiverton. Although these are Space Youth Centres it is best to contact us in aych@spacepsm.org to find out more about times etc. You can find details of how to get to the youth centre in their web pages on this site (linked above).

Our colleagues at Plymouth Youth Service will also have a few hubs in the city, please contact them here to find out more.

In addition to these Plymouth College of Art is also a Creative Hub and they can be found here

How much does it cost?2018-04-16T13:40:41+01:00

Good question – nothing!

We will be hosting all kinds of events and workshops, some will be weekly, some monthly. Just check out the schedule and come along!

Do I have to be in for all 3 years?2018-06-29T17:44:06+01:00

No, not at all. In fact we are thinking that some people might want to come along to just 1 or 2 events – but of course you are welcome for as long as we can keep you interested!

Do you need me every week?2018-06-29T17:44:55+01:00

Not really, although i guess that well depend on what you are working on, so for instance you can just come along and take part in the activities that interest you or you could be working with us on a project or idea that may require a little more commitment but its always voluntary

What kind of skills do I need?2018-06-29T17:45:50+01:00

Well not too many or you could scare us! Seriously though there is room for everyone, why not come along to a session near you and meet the team and then see what you can either get out of it or put in from taking art to leading activities

How much time do i need to give to the project?2018-06-29T17:46:20+01:00

We will be meeting weekly and also having events that can last a couple of days, we are also going abroad a bit so – the quick answer is “as much as you want to”

If i get involved what support will you give me?2018-06-29T17:46:56+01:00

We are a youth service first and foremost, our project is delivered by professional trained youth worker who happen to know a thing or two about technology and sustainable development – that’s why they has been chosen to look after this project. You can speak to them about anything, good and bad – they can help you grow as a person as well as a technical wizz in whatever interests you have!

I’m not technical but I want to help the environment – is it worth me getting involved2018-06-29T17:47:31+01:00

Of course, you will be amazed how often people gets scared by the ‘t’ word – it takes a rich mix of skills and interests to change the world you know!

What if I have a great idea but other people have great ideas also – will my idea get lost2018-06-29T17:48:06+01:00

Good question, we can help to support your idea as best we can but we also know lots of other people who can help so it’s worth getting in touch just to see what’s possible.

What exactly do you need?2018-06-29T17:49:50+01:00

There are opportunities for the following things:

  • Share your knowledge as a one-off talk to a group of young people about your industry
  • Bring some equipment and deliver a hands-on experience
  • Maybe invite us to your setting to see how you work
  • You can get completely emerged and become a delivery partner and give something back to a charity that wants to help young people reach their potential
  • Maybe you can offer one of our group some work experience or a placement
  • Maybe you just want to shout about it on your social media channels and help us raise the profile – whatever time and expertise you can give will be much appreciated.
How can this benefit my child?2018-11-01T13:57:14+00:00

I'm in!

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