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This is your chance to chat with the pros and get a head start in creative careers. Our Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs project brings you interviews and live Q&As with experts in a variety of creative roles, including film composers, creative directors, music artist managers, designers and more. Whatever your creative superpower, join our YouTube Lives and Discord Q&As, taking place weekly throughout the winter. You’ll find out what these roles are like – what you do in them, the good, bad and benefits and how to get into similar jobs.

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Filmographer, writer, director Annie Martin
Monday 8th February 19:30

Annie does things a little bit differently! She created her job from things she enjoys, so rather than a normal 9-5 she has a portfolio career. She is a filmmaker writing and directing for commercial, documentary and online content production. Originally from Devon, she moved to London four years ago where she studied BA Film Practice at the University of the Arts London. Annie graduated with her final film “Hers To Take“, a fantastic documentary exploring risk taking in women’s adventure sport. It gained multiple entries and awards at international film festivals, as well as being broadcast by Lionsgate on network TV in the US.
After graduating in July 2019 Annie began work as a writer/director for a small production company where she creatively oversees projects and lends a hand with shooting and editing.
But that’s not all – Annie founded Bouldering DabRats, a climbing youtube channel aimed at women, which has gained 30k followers and over 1 million views in the two and a half years since its beginnings. She is also the co-founder of Beta Magazine, an online zine focusing on wider representation in climbing particularly by championing female achievement and contribution.
Annie talks about how you go from being unsure about what you want to do, to doing something you really enjoy.

Previous speakers

160,000 subscribers means you’re onto something good! If you want to know how to get your name out there and build a digital presence for something you love, Tom is the man to chat to. Tom is a rock climber and YouTube content creator from Devon. At only 21  years old he co-founded the rock climbing YouTube channel “Bouldering Bobat”.

Fastforward three years and Bouldering Bobat has grown to over 160,000 keen subscribers – becoming one of the biggest rock climbing channels in the world! Tom now works full time on the channel, appearing in the videos as well as shooting, editing and producing the content alongside co-founder Omar Bobat.

In Tom’s chat and live Q&A you will learn what kind of skills you need to do just this, and how to keep track of the different things you need to run your own business. Tom also talks about what kind of role dyslexia has played whilst teaching himself all these new skills – without going to university or taking expensive courses. He chose a gap year labouring and travelling, and then decided not to go to university despite successfully getting a place on a photography/filming course.

Being an amazing rock climber, Tom moved to London to work for Arch Climbing Centre where he discovered a knack for running their social media. This later led onto founding Bouldering Bobat. Catch up with Tom in this chat and the live Q&A afterwards to hear more about what moving from Devon to London was like, how he monetised his YouTube to support two people, and what top tips he has for anyone who wants to do the same.

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Do you write in your spare time, or read a lot? Do you love how movie makers build plots, or how headlines grab your attention? Storytelling is all around us, all the time. It’s not just novels, it’s used in everything from social media success to speech writing, brand stories to persuading juries in court, and is one of the most in demand transferable, flexible skills in the world!

Join professional storyteller Lori Stahl where she’ll give you the ins and outs of what a storyteller does and how she became one.

We will talk about how to build your storytelling skills; how to use it professionally; storytelling examples; how to find work and clients; whether you need a degree; and how to monetise your storytelling right now!

Lori had a funky route into storytelling because back in the day she didn’t really enjoy reading or writing. She majored in a totally different degree (economics at a US university) before working in finance and then moving into events where her creativity was UNLEASHED. She found the role split into storytelling and selling and realised that not only could she make a career from storytelling, but that she loved it!

Lori is a storyteller at heart. Whether it’s verbal or written, she knows how to engagingly convey a concept from start to finish, maintaining a consistent thread throughout the narrative. She’s worked worked at creative agencies in diverse roles for almost 20 years, including advertising, communications, marketing and events.  She’s from NYC, has lived in San Francisco and London, and has worked with clients across the globe. This includes big brands like Pfizer and Ford, to start-ups and foundations.

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Join Mollie Faux-Wilkins aka ‘The English Simmer’, 26 years old, 290k YouTube subscribers, and professional YouTuber. Mollie is live with us on 18th January to tell you exactly how to turn YouTube and live streaming into a living. She’ll be covering a huge range of advice on how to be successful on YouTube including:

  • What does pro YouTuber actually do?
  • How much do you make from the average video and how do you even make money?
  • What tech do you really need – Mollie talks DSLRs, mics, mixers and more, including whether or not you really need a pro rig and software to stand out.
  • Do you need another income stream if you want to YouTube?
  • How do you build a successful channel if you’re studying?
  • How do you come up with ideas?!

On top of all the insider details and industry secrets, Mollie is here to talk about her experience of building a successful streaming career. The youngest of 7 siblings and originally from Manchester, she talks about what it’s like to be able to reach audiences around the world no matter where you are. Mollie started out watching other streamers, connecting with the community and experimenting making videos with her niece, before going live herself.

Her channel has now grown and she has platforms on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter and more. Able to reach so many likeminded people, Mollie now uses her platforms to not only chat about gaming but about hugely important issues close to her heart, including representation in gaming as a woman and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community.

YouTube is an amazing platform with endless possibilities. It has given voice to millions of creators and allowed thousands to make a living by creating videos of their interests and hobbies. Could it replace the 9-5 job and become the foundation of YOUR future?

Are you curious about directing and producing – from blockbusters to blockbusting ads? Already creating your own video projects? Maybe you’re a creative with a passion for telling stories and bringing ideas alive. You could be a director or producer.

Join us when we chat with pro Adam Alexandroni, who has had an 18 year stellar career in digital agencies including Outside Line, an agency bought by Saatchi and Saatchi (marketing world Big Deals) for £8million in 2012 (wow!).

Adam has led content creation for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Toyota, Pampers, HSBC, Adidas, Beck’s Vier & Budweiser.  AND received numerous awards from the likes of Music Week, Webby, YouTube Works, Google, and DMA.

In 2018 Adam moved to Berlin where he co-founded his own creative agency, Black Paint.

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How do you turn your daydreams into cash money? Creative director could be the career for you. Whether you’re an artist, into graphic design, or have storytelling superpowers, creative directors turn imagination into reality and bring in big money for charities, retail, events, brands and more. Join us in an interview and live Q&A with creative director Ellie Wilding who can answer all your questions on making it big in creative industries.

Ellie started her career designing sets for film and theatre, where she found her passion for using creative thinking to solve big problems. This led her to start working for agencies where she could do just that. As a Creative Director, Ellie works with famous brands to develop creative ways for them to meet their goals. This means managing the creative process (how the project gets done – from suppliers to designers) , creative direction (the ‘big picture’) and also her team.

Ellie has worked leading brands, including KLM, Heathrow Airport, eOne and Ministry of Sound.

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Love a puzzle? Like helping people? Got big ideas? You could be a creative strategist – that’s the brains behind an Apple ad campaign or charity fundraiser. This career takes your creativity, and adds the skills to manage people and projects for big success. It even gives you the flexibility to be self employed. Ask Tamara Askew more when she joins us for an interview and live Q&A about how YOU can get started as a creative strategist, and why you’d want to.

Tamara has over 10 years’ experience in the fast paced, fun, creative world of digital marketing. She started off in smaller agencies where she built up her skills, and now works with international brands including Honda, KLM and Intel.

As a creative strategist, Tamara works closely with creative teams (who design marketing or products) and account teams (who look after clients). She sees the ‘big picture’ and drives the strategy that makes everything work – from market insights to audience profiling – and is ready for your questions!

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Have you ever watched a horror film without the music? It’s just not scary. You can create worlds with music; influence, inspire, delight and terrify – you can also make a living. Join Robin Christopher Heering to hear how music composing has taken Robin around the world – and how it could transform your life. Do you need to be a musician, how do you make demos that get noticed, how do you meet the right people if you’re not in the right place?

Robin is a Film and TV composer specialising in orchestral music and electronic soundscapes, collaborating with producers, artists, and musicians of all genres. Robin’s career has seen him score a number of award-winning films and short films internationally including “Pretending to Forget”, “Recall”, “Rewritten”, “The Art of Clowning”, and “Yellow Brick Road”. His collaborations include working with producers and directors, who have gone on to work Universal Studios, Walt Disney Studios, and Netflix, amongst others.

Robin started his career through self-tuition and by proactively building a strong global network of talented professionals and mentors before going to study music composition and orchestration in Malaysia and then New Zealand. Robin recently completed a Masters in Music Business Management at Westminster University.

Rewatch the interview with John over on our YouTube channel.

Love music? Want to be part of something big? If you think you could find the next Beyonce, Stormzy or Billie Eilish, being a music artist manager could be perfect for you. They’re essential to the music industry and even head up major roles in companies like Spotify. Join Jon Turner, music artist manager, in an interview where we’ll break down how to get into the industry and a live Q&A where you can quiz the pro.

Jon Turner is a music artist manager currently representing Palmaria and Tom Pointer. His artist management company, Big House Music, is celebrating five years in business, having worked with acclaimed artists like Tom Grennan and Dermot Kennedy.

Starting in merchandising and retail operations in Toronto, Jon moved to London to pursue his passion for music. In London, he completed an MA in Music Business Management at the University of Westminster.

Whilst setting up his management company, Jon also landed a role in a creative agency specialising in music and entertainment, making him the perfect person to talk to about how to break into creative careers.

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