Space is proud to be supporting this group of volunteers through our AYCH project.
We recently bought a 3D printer to support one of the business startups and was working closely with Fiona Rourke when the COVID 19 hit the UK, we were asked if we could help with printing PPE for Devon to which we replied: “YES WE CAN”.
Fiona is organizing with others a network of people and organizations with access to 3D printers that are coming together in Devon to make visors/face shields available to health and care workers. We are trying to expand the capacity and respond to local needs in Devon and Somerset. If you need this kit or want more information, please complete this form.
Please email if you need to contact us by email. The core team of volunteers is Adolfo De Sanctis, Fiona Rourke, Frazer Anderson, and Rupa Chilvers.