Right now we are focusing our time on the five main areas below, these regular services run alongside any projects and partnerships we are delivering.

“…. said it has been going well, your involvement with her has been positive. It’s excellent she attended 2 exams so far. I was unsure if she would even take them as she wasn’t attending school”


“Really, really helpful. I really appreciate it and am grateful. You have brought my daughter through a difficult time”


“I would just like to say the youth work you and your team provide to the young person has been of huge benefit to him. He is in a very precarious position and he could easily become stigmatised and marginalised, he is incredibly vulnerable and as you know needs constant support. I think it would have been very easy for you to have said no to his attending the junction due to risk and other factors. I think it was very impressive that you were receptive to us working together to formulate a plan to mitigate this, which has enabled the young person to have a very positive experience and enabled him to mix with other young people of his age in a safe, supportive, and structured environment. I think it is fair to say that in my experience of both youth work and residential services, most youth services would not have been so child focused, proactive, or inclusive in their approach and I think this is commendable.”

Jez, One to One - Crisis Intervention Limited
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