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High-quality education support services for young people and their schools

Who we are…

Chances is an OFSTED registered, short-term alternative education provision for students facing exclusion.

Our aim is to utilise a combination of education and youth work to re-engage disaffected students, helping them learn the skills and strategies they need to thrive in mainstream education.

We are specialists in building meaningful relationships with young people and the people in their lives and dynamically responding to their needs.

“students have stated how they now enjoyed coming to school, have gained in self-confidence and are helped to understand and control their emotions appropriately.”


We are able to design, in partnership with schools, parents and students, learning plans that incorporate a range of support packages, which can be dynamically adapted to changing situations throughout the student’s journey with us and their reintegration into mainstream education. Packages can include some of the following features:

  • 6-Week – This is our ‘base’ package, from which most bespoke plans are designed, offering 6 weeks (full time) with us in our Dawlish centre.

  • Crisis – This is our package designed to help our partner schools, with who we have a working relationship. aimed at offering support as soon as possible for the student in immediate need. It is rare that this is a ‘first time package’ for new schools.

  • Reintegration – This service aims to support the student in the transition back into mainstream school and usually follows one of our other packages.

  • Outreach – Our outreach package offers support for students outside of one of our buildings. An outreach worker can have sessions with students wherever the student, or school, would find appropriate.

“During their involvement with Chances, students develop better learning habits and many remain in mainstream education.”

Ofsted 2018


Chances Educational Support Centre is an alternative education service based in Dawlish, Devon. It offers students a tailored education designed to meet individual needs and nurture the skills needed to improve life chances and realise potential. Its highly skilled staff do all that they can to help the students develop their self-esteem, confidence and self-worth, thereby assisting them with their engagement both in the classroom and in their own communities. Chances aims to ensure that the young people entrusted to its care are ready for the ever-growing demands of a complex society.

At Chances we believe that everything we do should be centred around the young people. Our unique blend of education and youth work creates a happy, safe and supportive environment where students can be stretched and challenged academically, have fun, and come to understand the intrinsic rewards of engaging with their learning. We understand that students make mistakes and we support them to learn from them in a school where good behaviour and manners are as important as academic success.

We are committed to improving the life chances of all students at Chances by seeking to remove any barriers to learning but keeping the consistency and fairness that they will need when moving forward. Working together with the students’ ‘home’ schools is very important to us as we know it is essential in helping with a successful reintegration back into mainstream education after we have helped the students find their love for learning once again.

Chances has a strong ethos informed by a set of core values. We believe that learning ‘Resilience and Respect lead to greater Opportunity’.

Our Chances Promise.

We are a  school where students are encouraged to:

  • Develop skills and behaviours which lead to better learning outcomes
  • See learning as fun, recognise their own progress and know that they can succeed
  • Recognise their own talents and  strengths and persevere where they experience difficulty
  • Grow in confidence, know themselves better, develop personal resilience and positively contribute to the life of the school
  • Keep themselves safe, be respectful of others and their environment

*INTEGRITY – Doing what’s right, even when no-one is watching

*RESPECT – Interacting with fairness, kindness and dignity

*DETERMINATION – We give people a second chance, and a third, fourth, fifth…

*COLLABORATIVE – Doing great things together and with others

*ACCOUNTABLE – Managing risk, taking responsibility and being accountable to each other and our stakeholders

*DYNAMIC – Creating fun and a little bit of weirdness

We believe that every young person has within them the ability to reach their potential but they face some unique challenges during these times. We work with schools to identify the different ways that we could support both the student and the school at which they are enrolled so that through better understanding a solution can be found to ensure a successful educational journey.

While we aim to help a range of students with varying needs, we have had particular success with young people who:

  • Have low attendance at school
  • Struggle with anxiety and/or low mood
  • Are causing concern as a result of gang membership or similar
  • Are at risk of CSE
  • Display challenging behaviours and times of distress

Qualified teachers and highly skilled Youth Workers provide a programme for students who are experiencing behavioural or emotional difficulties and are therefore at a risk of exclusion. Our smaller class sizes and highly-skilled staff team allow us to challenge students who are disengaging from education, identify barriers to learning and equip them with the necessary skills of resilience and self-management that they need to succeed.

The unique and effective combination of education and youth work is fundamental in providing the high standard of education your student deserves whilst addressing the underlying social, emotional and behavioural issues that are impeding their success at school.

We have printed copies available on request, but for transparency, all policies can be found here

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. At Chances we take our duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children extremely seriously. 

Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is Miss Lisa Money.

Our Deputy Safeguarding Officer is Mr Rich Brooks.

Our Dedicated Teacher for Children in Care is Mr Dan Leverton.

If you have any concerns regarding a student who attends Chances, in the first instance speak to Lisa Money 01626 864412. Outside of school hours, contact Devon’s Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub on 0345 155 1071.

For more information about Safeguarding, click here

How can we help?

We don’t only support individuals in our centre, we can also ask our outreach workers to help you at your school. If you have concerns about a group of students, or your capacity/ability/skills to tackle a particular issue, please check out our school’s section  or contact us to see how we could help.


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