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Welcome to Chances, education is important, through learning about the world and how to move through it you will open all kinds of opportunities for your future.

“The foundation of any community is the education of its youth” Diogenes

How are we different from your regular school?

Inside the classroom

  • Same expectations as school

  • Smaller classrooms

  • Extra support (including 1:1 when needed)

  • Stay connected to your school and friends by having work sent over

  • Vocational (life relevant) lessons, like cooking

Outside the classroom

  • Your own key worker to help with any problems

  • Good links with all the other people in your life (other professionals)

  • You get a voice in how things are run here

  • Informal areas to have breaks or chill out with pool tables

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Important information to know before you start

SicknessIf you are unwell and not able to come into school, your parent or carer must inform the office by 8.30am (please see below for contact details). This is particularly important for young people who catch Chances transport in the morning.

Lateness: If you is not going to be able to get into school by 9.20am your parent or carer must ring the office and inform staff as soon as possible.

Refusal: If you are refusing to come into school, your parent or carer must call the office immediately and ask to speak with your key worker or a senior manager. It is extremely important that communication between home and school is transparent. Honesty is expected at all times, together we can try to overcome barriers to engagement.

How we monitor attendance: Each day your attendance is registered twice. Your attendance is fed back to your feeder school weekly. If your attendance decreases or there is consistent lateness your parent or carer will be invited in for a meeting with Chances and a member of staff from the feeder school to explore how it can be improved. If there is consistent poor attendance then the Educational Welfare Officer could be involved.

Important numbersChances – Red Rock (Dawlish) 01626 864412

AAll students are expected to arrive at Chances by 9.20am. Students who are persistently late will make up their time during their breaks throughout the day.  The school day finishes at 3.00pm and all students are expected to travel home without causing disturbances to our neighbouring schools

All students/staff who attend Chances are expected to respect fellow pupils. 99% of students have usually had a difficult experience at home, with their peer groups or school and these difficulties can take time to work through. We ask all students to be tolerant of others and to communicate with staff if they find themselves struggling to cope within their peer group.


Inappropriate and abusive language will not be tolerated. Students will be challenged on language by staff. Students will be expected to take steps to improve their language. Persistent use of bad language will result in isolation during break time and lunch times.


Students will be expected to act respectfully and sensibly throughout the school day. Students are encouraged to communicate with staff if they find they have worries or concerns; staff will do their upmost to support and find possible alternatives that meet your needs.

Students are also expected to behave in a respectful manner while on offsite activities and travelling to and from school. Any student who brings Chances name into disrepute will risk their placement being ended.

Aggressive / violence towards staff, students or members of the public:

Aggressive behaviour and violence towards anyone will not be tolerated under any circumstances and could lead to the immediate ending of the students placement at Chances. At all times staff will ensure that the wellbeing and safety of staff, students and members of the public are our priority and staff will intervene where necessary.

Lessons & isolation:

All our students have the right to a calm and supportive learning environment. All students are expected to aid that by listening and following the instructions of staff members. If your childs/wards behaviour becomes detrimental towards other students they will be removed from the lesson and placed in isolation.

Bullying Policy

All Whilst at Chances, students are required to wear their own school uniform. If your School does not have a uniform, students are expected to wear
Black shoes or trainers
Black trousers or skirt
A Navy blue shirt or polo shirt
A grey, black or navy blue jumper (without logos)
Trainers other than plain black are not permitted

Jumpers with large logos, hoodies and coats are not to be worn in the classrooms.

At Chances we understand that students have a need to carry a mobile phone. However there is a classroom ban on all technology devices. All devices must be handed to class teacher at the beginning of each lesson – there are no exceptions to this rule.

All devices will remain in the classroom in the teacher’s care. At the end of lessons, devices will be given back to students.

If students are expecting an important phone call, they will need to communicate this with their class teacher.

Chances will take no responsibility for lost, stolen or broken items.

If there are any issues around social media or the use of mobile phones during the school day, Chances have the right to confiscate mobile phones for the rest of the day.

If it has been organised by your school to use a Chance’s minibus to and from school you will be expected to do so. No student will be allowed to walk to and from school or use any other mode of transport unless agreed by the senior management and your parent or carer directly.

If your behaviour is unacceptable or you cause damage to the vehicles it will be your parent or carer’s responsibility to transport them to and from school.

Your parent or carer will be expected to cover the costs of any deliberate damage to vehicles.

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Students are expected to use public transport respectfully. If Chances receive negative reports about behaviour from the general public or transport organisations, then students will not be allowed to use the public transport and either the parents/carer or feeder school will have to find other appropriate transport. If this is not appropriate then the student’s placement at Chances can be terminated.

Chances will not tolerate any drugs, alcohol or banned items (knives, blades etc.) being brought onto the premises. If staff suspect that young people are carrying any items staff reserve the right to search their possessions. If illegal items are found Chances will inform your parent or carers, the students feeder school and if appropriate the police. This could lead to an exclusion from Chances or the placement being ended.

Chances have a comprehensive CCTV system which covers most of the building. In line with our CCTV policy, we have the right to look at and use CCTV footage as evidence to resolve concerns/incidents. Chances may also give this footage to the police if requested.

“My outreach worker is very friendly and seeing them for 1 hour a week gives me a break from school and the chance to talk about anything that’s bothering me.  I get a lot of help and support during my time with them”

Student, year 10

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Devon Safeguarding Board
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