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Open Access Youth Work

We believe that young people are best supported in a natural way, through voluntary engagement, in settings that feel safe and welcoming. We use our open access as a space to have fun, try new things, meet friends and learn to get along in the world. Over 25% of our members have protected characteristics, meaning that we have a very diverse range of young people using our youth clubs. For more information check out the Tabs below.

What ages do you work with?2018-01-29T12:13:56+00:00

We accept referrals for targeted work for any young person aged 11-19. We generally work with 11- 19’s but up to 25 if you have SEN or another protected characteristic. In Open Access we generally group young people by age, this allows for more appropriate approach and content as they transition from childhood to adulthood.

So its just playing pool then?2017-05-11T11:40:25+01:00

Nope, although we do like a game of pool. Open access offers something different, it offers a space for teenagers to be themselves, to act the way they want outside of the constraints of school and family. they can explore different behaviours, see the outcomes and develop skills to help share the world with others.

We are fully trained to discuss all manner of things, such as sexual health & relationships, substances & risk taking, friendships. we offer a shoulder to cry on and share their highs and lows, completely plugged into the Early help systems of the local authority and able to refer to all manner of services should the need arise.

  • Music sessions and recording studios
  • Outdoor hard courts for sports
  • Indoor halls for Zorbs
  • Cooking
  • Arts and crafts
  • Jewellery making
  • PS4 consoles

But thinking about it, there is a lot of pool as well!

Is it right for me or my child?2017-05-11T11:02:18+01:00

Well, youth clubs are vibrant and lively places, sometimes with anywhere between 30 and 90 young people all running around; the junior and inters sessions can be noisy and a bit hectic but the senior session are generally more chilled and discussion focussed and we talk about all the things that teenagers are interested in. You may know some of the people here but you also may not so its a grat place to meet new people. Over 25% of our members have protected characteristics, which means they may be young carers, have a disability, be from a minority ethnic background or LGBT for instance.

Everyone just gets on and enjoys their time here, getting the support that they need. The last time we asked a random set of nearly 400 young people what they thought of their youth club over 90% said they felt safe.

Who works at your youth clubs?2018-03-07T11:30:35+00:00

Each youth centre is run by a full-time, professionally, degree-level trained, Area Youth Worker. They are supported by Senior Youth Workers who have at least a level 3 or diploma in Youth Work. We also have sessional staff who are trained (or working towards) level 2 or 3 in Youth Work.

All our staff are DBS checked (including our amazing administrative staff) so you can be sure that you will be well looked after.

What is open access?2017-05-11T10:49:59+01:00

Put simply open access is a space where young people can freely come and go and take part in activities that are designed to help them reach their full potential.

Generally, this takes place in youth clubs or on the streets and is run by trained staff or volunteers.  We at space* always find cool things to do that offer a balance of fun, challenge and reflection so that the youth centres remain a space to grow, to create and to inspire.

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