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Targeted Support

The ages between 11-19 can be a challenging time for young people. School pressures, difficult relationships, emotional well-being, anger, housing, college and work amongst other things can be difficult for Young People to manage alone.

What space* aim to do

Youth Workers understand that young people have the skills and resilience to develop the solutions they need to overcome difficult challenges. Therefore we don’t claim to have the formula to ‘fix’ young people, rather offer encouragement and strategies to find those solutions for themselves. space* are young person focussed. We offer support and facilitation around advocacy and developing relationships. With the young person’s consent we will communicate freely with all connected people, however, the Youth Worker’s primary focus will always be the needs of the young person. The tabs below explain a little more about this area of our support.

What if i’m referring from a school?2017-05-12T13:30:57+01:00

space* can focus on a wide range of issues including mental health, cse, anger issues and self esteem, however we would encourage a referral to The Chances Educational Support Service, another branch of space*, if the issue is purely around behaviour within education. This service may incur a charge.

What happens when the work ends?2017-05-12T13:05:11+01:00

The work will be monitored and reviewed with the young person. When it is agreed that the work should come to an end the young person will be offered ongoing, longer-term, support via a range of open access and universal activities including volunteering.

What ages do you work with?2018-01-29T12:13:56+00:00

We accept referrals for targeted work for any young person aged 11-19. We generally work with 11- 19’s but up to 25 if you have SEN or another protected characteristic. In Open Access we generally group young people by age, this allows for more appropriate approach and content as they transition from childhood to adulthood.

Is this for me?2017-05-12T12:59:27+01:00

If your not sure please contact your local youth centre to discuss your situation

What if you’re not sure what service the young person needs?2017-05-12T12:58:39+01:00

The Early Help Team are made up of practitioners who work with young people and families. They meet weekly in your area to discuss referrals and support families in finding the right service. If you are uncertain what service you need then you can access the Request for Additional Service Form via the Devon Safeguarding Children Board website.

Who will actually do the work?2018-02-05T13:28:03+00:00

All our targeted work (group or 121) is led  by professionally, degree-level trained, Area Youth Workers. Senior Youth Workers who have at least a level 3 or diploma in Youth Work. We also have sessional staff who are trained (or working towards) level 2 or 3 in Youth Work.

All our staff are DBS checked (including our amazing administrative staff) so you can be sure that you will be well looked after

Is there a waiting list?2018-02-05T13:30:33+00:00

We don’t do waiting lists, young peoples needs and circumstances can change quickly, if we don’t have the capacity to accept a referral, we will let the referer know as soon as possible, and try to help with alternatives, signposting to another agency, or provision.  We are always mindful of capacity and the need for a quick response and we weigh that up against providing a quality service for the young people currently in receipt of support. We will contact previously referred young people should we be able to accept them sooner than anticipated.

Who can refer to space ?2017-05-12T12:56:17+01:00

Any agency working with a young person, family or the young person themselves (self referral), our referral form must be completed WITH the young person.

If you or someone you know is struggling, try these links

“The staff are excellent because they have to put up with a lot of noise and they put on excellent activities- I would give them a 5 star rating if they were a restaurant or something!”


“‘No Limits has everything required for any autistic child anywhere: fun and games but also peace and quiet. Karaoke in the disco, friendly competition around the pool tables, sweet treats at extremely reasonable prices, safe cooking for the culinary lovers and hang-out areas for those who prefer tranquillity. Rest assured, the staff at No Limits never discriminate but instead welcome all disabled (young people) with open arms and (corny as it may sound) with an open heart.”

Charlie Dinnie

“Youth workers give out a really fun and chilled out vibe which makes me want to talk to them.”

  • Individual 1:1 sessions

  • Group work sessions

  • Dedicated young people in care & care leavers groups

  • Young Carers sessions

  • Dedicated LGBT groups

  • Dedicated Special Educational Needs groups

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