“From coming to the youth centre, I have been able to stay in mainstream school. Youth workers have helped me a lot over the 7ish years. Youth workers didn’t give up on me. They have also helped me build my confidence. It has also given me the opportunity to give back to the community by letting me volunteer. If I hadn’t come to youth club, my mental health would be much worse because this is a safe place to come if something is going on. There is also always someone to talk to”

Youth Worker’s Statement
Sophie has been coming to the youth centre for a long time, starting with attending a juniors session and engaging in open access seniors sessions. She struggles to maintain relationships at home so uses the youth work staff to talk about issues she can’t talk to her family about and to generally support her. Sophie has experienced poor mental health, including high levels of self harm, and has had intensive support from one youth worker in particular who would catch up with her weekly within the session to specifically support her with these issues. Aside from the general support to help her build coping mechanisms to deal with poor family relationships and mental health, we have supported Sophie through accreditation for her volunteering, given Sophie information on mental health services and supported her to use online mental health support. We have gone with her to the doctors when her mental health deteriorated and supported a referral to the Early Psychosis team. Youth workers have also worked with other agencies such as college tutors and other professionals to ensure that she is getting the best support and to keep her and others safe. Sophie is currently engaging well in college and is getting support from the most appropriate professionals and she feeds back that her mental health is more manageable. Sophie is engaging well with the mental health support she is receiving and is also managing her relationships at home better.