Student A

Student A came to Chances as part of a 6 week intensive package due to his behaviour in school. He was in Year 10 and had been involved in a lot of fighting, arguing with teachers, getting sent to isolation and walking off site. He had been excluded over 21 times in that current term and Chances was seen as a “pause button”.

In these 6 weeks we worked with him about his anger, triggers that caused him to want to fight and ways he could manage this once he had gotten angry. As well as this, we worked with him to understand that when a member of staff is challenging you, it isn’t to make his life difficult, it is our job and we were doing it to keep him safe.

After the 6 week package came to an end, the school had asked us to do a slow integration and we created a bespoke package which consisted of another 6 weeks. The first 2 weeks of the integration was going to be 4 days a week at Chances and 1 day a week at school with a member of staff going into the school and supporting as outreach, then the next 2 weeks was 3 days at Chances and 2 days at school with outreach support and then the final 2 weeks 3 and a half days at school and 1 and a half days at Chances.

A few weeks later, we received a call from school saying that the reintegration was failing and we then arranged with the school to do crisis intervention where Student A came to Chances for the rest of the year for 3 days a week and then school for the other 2 days. When the new school year started, student A went back to school and managed to do all his GCSE’s and get into college.


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