This month we went to a creative jam at the Tiverton creative hub as part of the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs project. The jam was based on single-use plastics and how we could find a way to reduce and reuse them.

On the first day we learnt about the project, what single-use plastics are, and why they’re a problem… before being given our first challenge. The challenge was to go over to the local supermarket with a budget of £3.50 and come back with a balanced lunch using the least amount of single use plastic packaging.

It made us realise how much plastic we use daily without even thinking about it, and without much choice!

After lunch we got to pick which workshops we wanted to do. There were loads of different ones to pick from, such as, virtual reality, 3D printing, and coding. All the workshops were run by experts and there was loads of technology to play around with! After that, there was another set of workshops to choose from, I chose the Innovative thinking workshop, where we made rapid prototypes and started thinking of ways to ‘think outside the box’.

On the second day, we did a series of team challenges before getting into smaller working groups.  We were given 6 hours to think of a way to reduce single use plastics, with the help of the experts around the room and the technology we learnt about during the day before.

We had to create a prototype and present our idea to possible investors. Although it was stressful, it was really interesting and a great experience. Everyone came up with really interesting ideas, all very different from one another!

(Blog written by attendee)