On Wednesday 4th of July, The Hive (our youth centre in Exmouth) took a visit to the Houses of Parliament in London, with their Social Action Champions.

[Social Action Champions are young volunteers who have contributed more than 50 hours to the service.]

Here’s what our young volunteers had to say:

“We went to the Houses of Parliament to participate in an event celebrating 1 year of the manifesto that was put forward to the Government by UK Youth.

We arrived on the train to London and did a little exploring and eating before making our way there. When we got there, we were given our own lanyards (very fancy!). We listened to some politicians and members of UK Youth talk about the manifesto and how young people need their views heard more, before taking part in a discussion where we were able to share our own views.




It was really interesting to listen to the opinions of the people there and we realised that they were more similar to ours than we had originally thought… Ben, Claire and Chloe spoke about Space* and the importance of youth centres for young people – which filled us with pride as the audience agreed with all what we do and were really supportive!

In the networking session, we had a chance to have more informal conversations with the panel about the manifesto, and even had a chance to speak to Lord Storey! Annabel and Chloe discussed their volunteering with some members of UK Youth whilst Aleisha and Ben talked to a Lord about the problems currently facing young people

It was an amazing – once in a lifetime experience – and we’re all incredibly grateful to UK Youth and Space* for this opportunity… take us back!”


Annabel, Aleisha and Chloe.







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