This week the young people involved in AYCH EU at the Tiverton Creative Hub have been working closely with ‘Nantes Design School’ in France to further develop the ‘Empathy Project’ our young people jump-started.

The Empathy Project is a concept that aims to educate people in understanding what life can be like for people living with ‘invisible’ conditions like social anxiety, dyslexia, epilepsy & cystic fibrosis.

The idea is to create a truly immersive experience through the use of virtual technology (V.R) and A.R (Augmented Reality) to provoke a wider sense of empathy towards people living with these conditions & a greater understanding of their struggles.

For a lot of people, these conditions prove a constant battle…

The young people from each of our Creative Hubs (Exmouth, BidefordTiverton) put the concept together during the First National Creative-Jam in Plymouth in August. (Watch the video below)

In collaboration with the students from ‘Nantes Design School’, they have been supporting us to think ‘design’ & how to better visualise the ideas for our project… 
It was a really amazing experience and the students from France were really helpful in their approach to the project design.

Faith, involved in the #EmpathyProject, said: “On Tuesday the 23rd of October our group (the empathy project) collaborated with L’Ecole de Design Nantes – in France – to discuss the development of our idea. We did this via video call, in which the French students talked us through some resources they had sent to help us brainstorm/develop our idea. As well as this, they sent us video links to some innovative ideas, to bring us inspiration. This was really useful for our group as their resources got us to view our project from the angle of the customers, thinking about why they would want it and when and how would they access it. This overall, made us consider the direction we wish to go in for the further development of our product.”