We are welcoming Young People back to their Youth Centres

This is a summary of all the things we’ve been doing to make sure our colleagues, young people and all visitors to our centres are kept as safe as possible at this time.

Our colleagues will have access to a lot of guidance on safe practice and risk assessments which hopefully cover everything you need to know and of course, we are continually updating this (See all our different risk assessments below). If you would like more info, you can see specific risk assessments by contacting your local youth centre. Or send us an email: info@spacepsm.org and our team will be happy to help!

Building Risk Assessment
Street Risk Assessment
Example of a Youth Session Risk Assessment (For local centres Risk Assessments, please contact the centre directly)
1-1 Contact Risk Assessment

Young people, parents and visitors – you will be told what you need to do or bring with you to make sure you are safe when using our buildings or are in contact with our youth workers but we hope you find this useful to prepare you for your visit and, if you have any questions or worries, please ask! We are here to help and above all … we’re really looking forward to seeing you! You can contact us via social media or check out our website to find out our email addresses.

  • Lots of hand sanitising / hand washing points and reminders in each building
  • Temperatures taken for everyone entering our buildings or joining sessions at our outdoor areas
  • Kitchens not used except for hand washing – please bring your own food / drink
  • Dynamic practice risk assessments for working with young people in street sessions and in buildings – adapted as guidance changes
  • Buildings risk assessed to meet current and changing guidance
  • Full cleaning services resumed a week before buildings occupied to allow for deep cleans
  • Limited use of buildings to allow deeper cleaning of the space used
  • All buildings checked via video for social distance markings, max numbers of staff and young people and sanitising supplies
  • Work stations allocated to each member of staff to limit sharing of facilities.
  • Working from home encouraged where possible
  • One way systems and separate entry and exit to buildings where possible.
  • Outdoor spaces risk assessed for each physically distanced activity
  • Limited use of buildings by other organisations for 1-2-1 services where possible – risk assessed individually
  • Water coolers refitted with new water bottles and flushed prior to using
  • All water systems flushed prior to building being used

What young people need to bring?

We usually have snacks and drinks available at our centres, however this will not be on offer so if your child would like to bring something they would be very welcome. If they have a face covering that would be useful to bring, otherwise we have some available at our centre’s. Outside they will not be necessary, unless young people would like to wear them. These precautions may change due to the National Government Guidance and also the NYA Guidance.

Signing in/ leaving

On arrival young people will be asked to check details and use the hand sanitizer.  Parents are welcome to drop off a young person to a Youth Centre. However, we’re afraid parents cannot come into the buildings currently. The sessions may adapt as restrictions lift further and we may be able to join some groups together, but again we will keep everyone informed of any changes.