On Saturday 3rd February our young volunteers from the 2016 and 2017 Essential Skills Training, as well as recent Social Action Champions, travelled to Tiverton Youth Centre to re-cap on their previous learning, setting targets for their Give Back awards and taking part in their first Young People’s Progress Group Meeting!

The top-up training day included

  • Team building game – squaring a roped circle (while blindfolded)
  • Learning re-cap – This was really impressive as all the young volunteers were able to recall their training and showed great confidence in their understanding of their roles (and the antics they had got up to on the different residentials) – what was also brilliant was the range of activities they had been putting on in their centre’s since the training
  • Youth Progress Group – Led by Mia was an introduction to what the progress group involves – the group also took to the first task brilliantly and made some key changes to the annual self-satisfaction survey
  • Give Back Award – all the young people who attended have signed up for the give-back award and have set their targets – goals ranged from developing a photography program, re-decorating a youth centre, to putting on a dinner for local community groups.