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Welcome to The Junction!

We are here as a space for you to be safe, have fun, meet new people and get information and support on things you might be struggling with- or just want to know more about. Our most exciting thing at the moment is our new recording space and practice room where you can come and learn new music skills or just make use of the equipment. We also have regular gigs- giving young bands the chance to show off their music and generally to have a bit of a party.

We have an awesome team of Young Volunteers here who run the sessions with the help of Youth Workers- you could volunteer here as well, just ask a Youth Worker for more details and to see if it’s for you. The Youth workers, Karen, James, Peggy, Adam, Alex, Chloe, Donna and Matt are here to provide you with a confidential service and if they don’t know the answers to your questions, they will help you to find them!

Our Open Access Session

Wednesday’s 6:30 – 8:30PM

£1 Entry

This is our session for years 6, 7’s and 8’s. We run activities like sumo suits, disco’s, cooking, art, football, competitions, face painting, jewellery making and loads more! This term we are talking about friendships and how to respect each other and ourselves. The youth workers that work on a Wednesday are usually: James, Alex, and Chloe but this can change from time to time.

Thursday’s 6:30 – 9PM

50p Entry

Thursdays are for young people in year 9, up to 19 years old. This is a chilled drop-in session where you can meet friends, talk to youth workers about anything and everything, use our recording studio/ music gear, cook, take part in activities if you want to and generally have a safe and warm place to go! At the moment, smoking seems to be our biggest topic of conversation and some young people have had support from the team to try to stop. We can give you information on lots of topics and you can get your C-Card here, meaning you can access free condoms on a regular basis. We love MUSIC at The Junction and our regular gigs (which we usually hold on the last Thursday of the term) are perfect for bands to come and show off their skills. Youth workers who work this session are usually Emily, Matt and James but this will change soon!

Tuesday’s 6 – 8:30PM

£1 Entry

This is our session for young people ages 11 – 19 years, with special educational needs and disabilities. We have so much fun on a Tuesday and put on activities like cooking, air hockey, art, football, parachute games, boccia, skittles and much more! Karaoke features A LOT in No – Limits and we often have variety shows for everyone to show off a special skill or talent. We are talking about life skills at the moment and especially how to get on with each other, even if you might not like everything about someone- we are all unique. The youth workers that usually work in this session are Emily, Peggy and Adam. We are inclusive and try to make all of our activities accessible for all abilities.

Friday’s 6 – 8:30PM

£1 Entry

This is our session for years 8 and 9’s. It gives you the space to be yourselves and basically have a chilled but fun time. We put on the activities that you ask for, like all of our sessions, and these can include: Sports, cooking, sumo suits, art and other random things like recently we have been teaming up with a youth centre in Somerset and linking people up as pen pals- this is to try and show that there are other ways of communicating apart from over social media!  This session is quite new so you have the chance to come and influence exactly what we do here!

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“The staff are excellent because they have to put up with a lot of noise and they put on excellent activities- I would give them a 5 star rating if they were a restaurant or something!”


“‘No Limits has everything required for any autistic child anywhere: fun and games but also peace and quiet. Karaoke in the disco, friendly competition around the pool tables, sweet treats at extremely reasonable prices, safe cooking for the culinary lovers and hang-out areas for those who prefer tranquillity. Rest assured, the staff at No Limits never discriminate but instead welcome all disabled (young people) with open arms and (corny as it may sound) with an open heart.”

Charlie Dinnie

“Youth workers give out a really fun and chilled out vibe which makes me want to talk to them.”


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