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Welcome to Tiverton Youth Centre!


Click on the tabs below to find out more about the open access sessions we run here at Tiverton

Junior Session

Wednesdays – 6.30 – 8.30pm – £1

A busy and fun session for Year 7’s and 8’s. All young people need to have consent to attend from parents so it’s worth bringing someone on your first session to do the paperwork. This session is helped by many of our older club members as Young Volunteers, which means a range of interesting activities can take place, including talents shows, discos, karaoke, football, mats, hockey, team and individual challenges and artwork to name a few. Each week has different activities to get involved in. Each Young Person must stay on site throughout the session, if they wish to leave early we must have permission from a parent or carer.

Senior Session

Thursdays – Year 9+ – 6.30 – 9.00pm – 50p Entry

Similar to the Monday night, Thursday session offers a range of activities to get involved in with access to music, tuck shop, sports, pool and table tennis tables, music room and games consoles. The Thursday night is also open to those young people who have left school, up to the age of 18. This session has been lucky enough to get some funding to make sure that we cook each week so everyone can have a hot meal. Club members do the cooking and the whole centre can take advantage of amazing food!

Monday Seniors

Mondays -Year 9, 10 and 11 – 6.30 – 9.00pm – 50p entry

The Monday night session has a relaxed environment with access to music, tuck shop, sports, pool and table tennis tables, music room and games consoles. Each Monday members have the chance to get involved in the planned programme including a craft/art activity, group challenges and a themed discussion around a topic relevant to young people such as smoking, relationships or training. The session is open to anyone in year 9, 10 or 11 and there are opportunities for older young people to volunteer on this session.

Tuesday – Project Session Invite only

Times to be arranged with the group

This session gives smaller groups the chance to take part in a particular project for a short time. These have included well-being and team building projects; design and painting and Young Enterprise groups. If you have an idea that you would like to get started then speak to a Youth Worker…

Wednesdays & Fridays – Lunch Club Year 9 to 18 years

1pm-1.45pm – Free to get in

Cheese toasties and tuck shop in a relaxed environment with pool, table tennis and games consoles. Young people that are allowed off site from Tiverton High School or in College or working can take advantage of cheap food and lovely Youth Workers.

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“The staff are excellent because they have to put up with a lot of noise and they put on excellent activities- I would give them a 5 star rating if they were a restaurant or something!”


“‘No Limits has everything required for any autistic child anywhere: fun and games but also peace and quiet. Karaoke in the disco, friendly competition around the pool tables, sweet treats at extremely reasonable prices, safe cooking for the culinary lovers and hang-out areas for those who prefer tranquillity. Rest assured, the staff at No Limits never discriminate but instead welcome all disabled (young people) with open arms and (corny as it may sound) with an open heart.”

Charlie Dinnie

“Youth workers give out a really fun and chilled out vibe which makes me want to talk to them.”


Meet the team

Jenny Lindow
Jenny LindowArea Youth Worker
Based at Tiverton since 2014, Jenny has a background in Youth Work since starting as a Young Volunteer with Prince’s Trust many years ago… Having worked with Connexions, Young Dads and Parents project and run Youth Centre’s over Bristol and Honiton and Axminster, Jenny is very experienced when working with Young people from a wide range of backgrounds. Jenny loves to keep the centre programme fun, interesting and relevant to the Young People that attend and encourages young people to talk about issues that affect them or their friends in a safe space.
Likes: Marvel films, Zombies, Festivals and Dartmoor
Dislikes: Mushrooms and dry sponges
Mantra: It’s nice to be nice
Random Fact: It always rains when I dye my hair.
Ben Mammola
Ben MammolaSenior Youth Support Worker
Ben has worked at Tiverton Youth Centre since Jenny started in 2014 having previously worked on the Exeter Street Based Youth Work Team and at Newton Abbot Youth Centre ‘The Junction’. Ben has always enjoyed working with young people and the energy they bring into his day.
Likes: Food and Football
Dislikes: Panda’s (don’t get me started!)
Mantra: Be in the moment or else life will pass you by
Random Fact: I have a tendency to randomly burst into song.
Richard Doak
Richard DoakSenior Youth Support Worker
Jenny Harris
Jenny HarrisYouth Support Worker