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Welcome to Tiverton Youth Centre!

Tiverton youth centre offers a safe & supportive social space for young people. We offer fun and informative activities every session – and each week has a packed programme with challenges, cooking & crafts for our young people to participate in.

Aside from all the fun, our youth workers offer group & 1-1 support, or advice on issues that affect young people; like relationships, alcohol and drug use, or support with peer pressure & general mental well-being.

We’re also one of the three Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs in Space*, with a creative session running every Tuesday! Our AY Creative sessions are part of our involvement in the 3 year international project to develop career sustaining skills, job opportunities and an innovative network of young creators… if you’re a fan of all-things tech, it’s for you!

All Sessions

Our Open Access Sessions

Monday’s 6:30 – 9PM

 50p entry

For years 8 & 9. Our Monday sessions offer a relaxed environment with access to the music room, tuck shop, sports, pool/table tennis and game consoles. Each week members have the chance to get involved in our planned programme, group/individual challenges and themed discussion around topics relevant to young people – like smoking, relationships or training.

Tuesday’s 6:30 – 9PM

Free Entry

Our ‘Atlantic Youth Creative Session’ is a session for those interested in all-things tech! It runs as part of our involvement in the AYCH EU Project to support young people – providing them with unique opportunities to develop career sustaining skills and access a network of support from experts to help ‘project-goers’ develop their ideas into real-life concepts… 

What is the european AYCH Project?

Wednesday’s 6:00 – 8:00PM

£1 Entry

A busy and fun session for Year 7’s and 8’s. This session boasts a range of really interesting activities, including talents shows, discos, karaoke, football, hockey, team/individual challenges (and art to name a few!) Each week has different activities to get involved in – just check our Instagram!

Thursday’s 6:30 – 9PM

50p Entry

Year 9+. Similar to Monday, Thursday sessions offer a wide range of activities – Thursday’s are even open to young people who have left school, up to the age of 18. This session has also been lucky enough to receive funding to make sure we can cook a hot meal for everyone each week. Our club members do the cooking and the whole centre can take advantage of amazing food!

Friday’s 3:30 – 5PM

Free Entry

This is our afterschool drop-in for young people in year 8 to age 18! Enjoy cheese toasties in a relaxed environment with pool, table tennis, games & get free support and advice on anything. Young people can take advantage of cheap food and lovely Youth Workers right before the weekend begins!

Contact Us

Tiverton YC, Bolham Road, Tiverton, Devon EX16 6SG

Phone: 01884 252642

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“The staff are excellent because they have to put up with a lot of noise and they put on excellent activities- I would give them a 5 star rating if they were a restaurant or something!”


“Youth workers give out a really fun and chilled out vibe which makes me want to talk to them.”


Meet The Team

Jenny L
Jenny LArea Youth Worker
MikeSenior Youth Support Worker
RichardSenior Youth Support Worker (AYCH Lead)
Jenny H
Jenny HYouth Support Worker
JackieYouth Support Worker